what to bring on a long (very long) flight

I'm going to China!!! I'm leaving this Sunday for a 2 week missions trip with my church for China and I couldn't be more thrilled! I've only gone on 1 other long international flight but that was enough to prepare me for our 22hr+ travel time to China!  

In today's post I'll be showing you guys what I'm bringing in my backpack on my long flight! If you find yourself traveling anytime soon or just love to know what I'm bringing then keep reading!  

#1 BackPack/Large Purse  

Okay, so you can technically bring a carryon and a purse (backpacks count as purses) on your flight so it gives you plenty of packing space for all you need, but I say bring a backpack/large purse because of many reasons. The main reason is have something to carry all the items you'll be reaching for the most that can fit comfortably by your feet or under the chair in front of you. Inside the backpack/large purse you can fit all the most needed things for the flight. So here are some of mine: 


  • A large make up bag/clutch to carry all your toiletries or small (easily lost) items

  • Earplugs!!! Omg, I can't stress this enough but headphones don't do it justice and after a while they hurt my ears so I like to throw these babies in and fall into mystical cloud wonderland! (These are my favorites from Target, made just for women, and are under $5!)

  • Pain Reliver. You never know when you'll get those random headaches (I get them a lot) so these are always great to have.

  • Zzz Quil. Any healthy, non habit forming sleeping aid will do, these are just $5 at Target and work for me!

  • Face Wash. I like them with exfoliating beads for long flights. It keeps my face feeling way more fresh; especially when I drool all over myself in my sleep, lol.

  • Extra Undies (that random black fabric off to the side, lol). Sounds funny but fresh underwear is probably the best feeling in the world, next to a hot shower!

  • Playing Cards. Okay if you go with a friend or two there are plenty of fun card games to play that will help pass the time. My favorite is Kemps, 99, and obviously Go Fish (cause I'm basically a child.)

  • Face Lotion. So there isn't much "fresh air" in an airplane so sometimes your skin can get tight and dry (especially us dry skin girls) so having this will be great!

  • Chapstick. This is a must for all of life. Let's not look dusty girls (that includes you.)

  • Compact mirror. Because I love to look at myself.... Jk. But if there is someone in the bathroom and you need to blow your nose, or remove make up, a compact mirror is awesome for a quick freshen up!

  • Sunglasses. Okay so I'm guilty of using sunglasses to pull my hair away from my face but these are a must for traveling anyways. You can always pull down the sheet on your window but it's always great when you want to let everyone know to leave you alone and that your still fabulous! Lol (I can't take myself seriously sometimes.)

Outside of my beauty bag here are some fun things to help the flight fly by.... Get it? Fly? Because it's a plane..... OMG. Much funny. -____- 

  • Travel Pillow. Obviously long flights require sleep and these are a must for sleep. I love the ones that snap in front of my neck, it keeps it from moving around in my sleep without choking me. This one I got at Tjmax for $9.99! Awesome huh!?

  • Headphones. So when you are watching Netflix on your phone, or listening to music these are a must, and they cancel out any background noise too. I found these at a local DD's Discount for $4!!

  • Soft Socks. So during the sleeping hours on a plane they always turn the cabin air down and it's freezing, so soft fuzzy socks help keep my feet warm, and c'mon! Pink foxes. It can't get any cuter!?

  • Magazines & Books. So this is obvious for passing time but I never have time to actually read a book for hours on end or read a magazine so flights work out well for me cause I mean, what else am I gonna do!?


Those are just a few of my favorite items to bring. Of course you want to always bring snacks, gum and some water with you, but those can be help in your biggest carry on!  

I hope you guys learned what to bring with you and are inspired to travel yourself. As for me I'm so excited for China! I will be blogging every day as much as I can! I will be doing more of a Photo Diary Series on my blog (easier and faster for me while I'm traveling) and it will include exclusive pictures, videos and info about my trip! So make sure to subscribe to my blog so you can be notified when I'm posting! As for now, I finished some packing and I'm off to bed! I love you guys so much and I'll talk to you in my next post! 💋