what's that smell, oh coffee! yum!

So I'm obsessed with coffee, have been and will always be. Although the past 365 days my tea craze has gotten out of hand (that's for another post another day.) Nonetheless I enjoy a good cup of coffee and coffee shops. To be honest any good coffee shop is my favorite place in the world. Let me tell you why:  

#1 Coffee duh!

Okay but honestly coffee no longer gives me energy, I think my body is just used to the caffeine that now it's what I run on. I think the next best thing would be to somehow figure out a way to get it safely into my eyeballs on those days I look like a Mrs. Puff from spongebob! (Subscribe if you agree!) But I like my coffee with a little bit of cream, usually 2-3 sugars (depends what ground of coffee I get) and if I'm feeling frisky, add some caramel. Yeah, it's a boring order, but I like it. It's warm, taste like home, and smells like everything you want in life.   



I could spend forever on this reason because it's the best part to a good cup of coffee (besides the day I get to wake up in a small apartment with my husband, dog and cup of coffee in my hand, because HEAVEN!!) Seriously, go adventure! GET AWAY FROM STARBUCKS FOR A LITTLE, OR FOR FOREVER. (No shade but c'mon who can find a seat at Starbucks anyways?) I promise you, take the afternoon off, turn off the phone and drive. Some of the best shops are in little corners of the city where you would least expect it. I love coffee shops for many reasons. It brings people together, on the contrary it's the perfect place to open your laptop and shut out the world (people think you're really deep and intelligent and won't bother you), and my favorite part; it's the perfect place to fall in love. I can't help it, I'm a hopeless romantic. There's just something about walking into a dim lit shop while the smell of freshly made coffee hugs your nose and the sound of espresso machines somehow act as therapy to your ears. It's so interesting how each person can go to the same place for different reasons yet be connected through their love and need of a cup of joe. One person is studying, another is talking with friends, another a first date, another a book club, and on and on. 

Side note: if I could open my own coffee shop one day, scratch that, I'm gonna do it! 



Okay so I mentioned in reason #2 that coffee shops bring people together but I think coffee allows the connection to take place. After a good meal at home, I pull out my Dean & Deluca mug and make myself a cup. Sometimes when I'm over people houses, we all make our own and sit in a circle on the floor and talk about life sipping on... You guess it, COFFEE! But I think it also creates connection that doesn't include people. I believe there's been times in my life I just sat at a window drinking a iced coffee thinking about my life problems, talking to God, or daydreaming about places I want to visit. I find a way to connect with God and myself. Some of my best ideas have come out of quiet times in a dark corner staring at the whip remains in an empty white mug. Although most of the time coffee is to go, when taken with time it can allow you to connect in ways you never else would. 


With all that said, you can see when I say "I love coffee" that it's not me trying to be trendy/snap a photo for Instagram, but a way of life. If you live in the Orlando Area then I'll list a few of my favorite spots for coffee. Some you may have a drive to make, but I promise all are worth it!  

  • Vespr Coffeebar Waterford Lakes 626 N Alafaya Trail #105 Orlando, Fl 32828

  • Downtown Credo at College Park 796 W Smith St Orlando, Fl 32804

  • Austin's Coffee (open 24hrs!!) 929 W Fairbanks Avenue Winter Park, FL 32789

  • Propagation (also has great chai tea!) 1221 N Mills Avenue Orlando, Fl 32803


If you visit any of these places tell them I sent you. I hope you enjoyed this post, leave any other coffee shop recommendations down below! Also don't forget to subscribe to be notified when I post a new blog! Adios!!  

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