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It's day to give special thanks to all the great things in our life and spend time with our families. This year is so different for me because it's just my mom and dad and I for thanksgiving. My aunt and uncle live far, and my grandma flew to Texas this year. Nonetheless, I'm thankful for my family. 

Things are going to be changing in the new year from moving out, new school and much more. Looking at my future from this point is overwhelming but I'm happy to have a family that loves and supports me. 

This year is going to be super casual so I took the opportunity to dress up while having a pre-thanksgiving dinner with my church. I think looking back on the past year I have grown up a lot and learned how to really appreciate the people in my life. So spending time with friends and family has become way more valuable to me than any 50% off sale stores could offer (although I'll probably still go shopping Friday.)

With all that being said I hope everyone reading this has an awesome Thanksgiving and you spend time with your friends and family. For those of you with new family members or maybe you're down one person this year I pray blessing and favor for you and your family. Hold tight to those around you, and remember what this holiday is really for...... besides stuffing your body with mash potatoes because same. 

Heres my my outfit I wore to my church's thanksgiving dinner! I decided to go with an edgy fall look. All the details will be down below.


Outfit Details:  

Plaid Shirt: Forema Boutique $29

Jeans: Charlette Russe $17.99

Booties: Urban Outfitters on sale $30

Fur Vest: Forema Boutique $29

Lipstick: Ruby Woo by Mac $18  

Nume Curling Wand: $120  




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*photo credits: Alexis Gauthier IPhone 6 camera.  

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