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     I've had my coffee and a full nights rest so excuse the energy in the previous sentence but, 'How are You?' I hope all is well. With Christmas being only 15 days away (yes I count) I'm sure we are all scrabbling to get presents set up decorations, choose what we want to eat, clean the house for relatives, taking the family photos, ect... I know I am almost done with my christmas shopping, haven't set up any decorations and laundry is piling up. But what I am loving so far is the fact that Florida is actually getting cooler. [PAUSE FOR DRAMATIC EFFECT.]

     Okay by cooler I really mean 2 days out of the week, maybe in the morning/nighttime it's not blazing hot outside. So that colder weather means I can wear WINTER CLOTHES!!! As most Floridians we don't even own winter clothes. To most of us that may just be a denim jacket but for me I love layering and so I take this opportunity and run with it. My favorite things to wear when it's cold are 1. Shawls, 2. Over the knee Boots, and of course 3. SWEATERS!! 

     So I'll show you how I incorporate all three of those items in one outfit and not die from afternoon heat as well. Let's GOOOOOOOOOOOOO!! (This is some amazingly strong coffee, I'm telling you.)

     As you can see I'm most comfortable in this HUGE plaid shawl, which I got from Forema Boutique here in Orlando, Fl. (All their info will be down below.) This shawl was surprisingly not too heavy but kept me warm enough for the Florida weather and was only $16! I don't know about ya'll but I'm a college student who eats instant mac n cheese for dinner so that price makes me so happy (and my wallet.) 

     Now since I'm a petite girl (5'2 to be exact) a lot of times the more fabric I add the frumpier and shorter I'll look, so I decided to add a skinny brown belt to show off some shape and to contrast really well against the green and blue. 

     To bring attention to my short legs, over the knee boots (especially black ones) somehow lengthens my legs and keeps my little toes warm too. These were also from Forema Boutique for only $38!! Literally can't find boots like this anywhere else for the price.


       Now to finish the look, I added a fedora hat with the same brown from my belt to tie it all together (plus hats always add 2-3 inches to us vertically challenged girls out there.)

      Of course you can wear whatever you want underneath, I decided to keep it simple with a black sweater and leather leggings (which everyone should own a pair of.)

     I love this look so much because it's somehow high fashion while keeping it pretty appropriate for the late fashion bloomers in Orlando, Fl (Sorry guys but it's true.) This outfit would be perfect for a date night, church, dinner with family, or shopping outside (like I was this day.)

     Well that's it for today's post, I have to finish my coffee ( yay) and get ready for work. I hope and pray only blessings to you and your family this Holiday Season. Whatever you may celebrate and choose to believe I want you to know there is someone out there (me..duh) praying for you and believing for good things to come your way. May you always see the light in everything and enjoy the holiday cheer! Hip Hip HORRAYYYYYY! 


Outfit Details: 

Black Sweater, Shawl, Belt, Hat, and Boots: @foremaboutiqe on Instagram

Leather Leggings:

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Until next time, this has been as told by yours truly, Amanda!