are sequins still a thing?

"I'm just trying to save the world, one sequin at a time." - the infamous Lady Gaga. 

As the holiday season approaches (faster and faster each year) more events are coming our way. One in particular is NEW YEARS!!!! I have no idea what my plans are this year all I know is I wanna dress up! The past two new years I wasn't with my boyfriend and because of that and many other reasons, they kind of stunk (for lack of a better word.) So THIS YEAR the pressures on, IT MUST BE SPECTACULAR; which starts with the dress of course. 

So being the passionate girl I am, at work I got into the holiday spirited and modeled some dresses for our instagram, one in particular instantly became my favorite and should be every girls favorite this time of year. SEQUINNNNNNSSSSS. I mean on an every day basis I wear black and neutral flat colors and fabrics so this is exciting for me.

This black and gold sequin dress is perfect. Now on this day I was wearing my snake skin sneakers from zara, but knowing me it kinda worked....kinda. Anyways, this beauty is from none other guessed it, FOREMA BOUTIQUE! I love the leaf detailing and the open back too. It screams NEW YEARS EVE, and still keeps a classy vibe at the same time.

I just love the way it hugs my body and yet has movability cause let's face it, whether theres a dance floor, I'll be dancing! I don't know if this is the dress I'll be wearing but it's definitely a great option, and forema boutique has lots more options to choose from! 

What are you guys going to be wearing this NEW YEARS!?!?!? I can't believe another year has passed by. I'll definitely have to do a "yearly re-cap" post all about this year and what I am most excited about for next year! Leave any fun ideas in the comments below, I'd love to hear back from you guys!