Krungthep's & Tea.

Okay so just yesterday me and some friends were walking around Winter Park and we stumbled upon this cute tea place. I have to say I was only drawn to it by it's outward minimal design at first, but wait till we go in!

So the whole place is very minimal with a touch of vintage. What I surprised me most was unlike most tea/coffee places in Winter Park, this one actually served you at your table. Kinda like a restaurant dine in feel, which made sitting in the comfy benches with pillows that much more enjoyable. 

My friends and I all shared whats called the "Monkey's Toast." Which is by far the best toast I've had in all of Winter Park (photo above). It was roughly $6 but was enough for 3 people to share. Can I just say, this photo does not do it justice, it was literally heavenly. 

So after our amazing toast we headed (waited for others to leave) on over to the infamous Krungthep couch for a photo op. Above you'll see me and Pearl taking a snapchat of our new favorite place. How 2015 of us!? 

I loved this little corner by the windows. Not only is it perfect for picture taking but it would be the cutest little date corner, or study corner, or "I have no friends to go to winter park and go on n adventure corner." Kidding on the last one...... kind of. 

All in all it was super amazing and I would highly recommend stopping in for some tea and toast. If you're ever in Winter Park, this is a must. And fun fact, it's only been open 2 months!! So it's obviously the coolest new place to hang out with friends, or blog like I do, lol. 

Check out Krungthep down below!




1051 W Fairbanks Ave
Winter ParkFL 32789

Camera: Canon Rebel t1i 50mml

Location: Krungthep

Ft: Pearl Torres, Amanda Smith

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