So yesterday night I stayed in from church (it's okay ya'll I still love God.) I had a TON of stuff to get done so I thought I could use the extra 4 hours. One of the millions of things I needed to do was clean/condense my room. We all need to clean our rooms every once and a while but fun fact, 


I guess every college student at one point or another has to move out but I have to move out. So by the end of April 2016 I have to find somewhere to live. So I (someone who can't do anything unless I prepare for it) have already starting having daily panic attacks due to everything I have to do before April. Last night I was going through all the things I have in my room and have had all my life and realized how much junk I've acquired over the years.

This got me thinking. For someone who's fashion taste is very minimal why is my life so chaotic? So I turned on some gangster rap (don't we all) and got STUFF done! It was so much easier to part with stuff once I took on this perspective. Once the night was done I had 3 goodwill bags, 1 bag of clothes to sell, and 1 trash bag. I can't tell you how it felt to get rid of so much crap. It was like a weight was lifted off my shoulders. You should try it!  


Then looking at a clean room, emptier shelves, and more space in my room, I then heard God speak to me a revelation and it's this....

In the bible there's a story (maybe you've heard of it) of Peter who walked on water with Jesus. Well Peter and the rest of the disciples were on a boat and there came a great storm. Jesus started walking on water towards them from the beach all the disciples (except Peter) were afraid saying; "It's a Ghost!" 

Peter knew it was Jesus and said "Call me on the water." & He did. There's way more cool details to the story before and after but the part I want to focus on is Peter recognizing it's Jesus and stepping out of the boat. I noticed a lot of things that related to me cleaning my room.  

  1. Peter was the only one to recognize Jesus.

The disciples were in the middle of a storm so I can only imagine their sight is a little rough due to rain and wind, but yet Peter knew it was Jesus walking towards them. Most of the disciples thought it was a ghost and became afraid. How many of you would say that even in the midst of a storm you can always see Jesus? That no matter how foggy your sight is, you can recognize Jesus. The other 11 disciples were afraid, they thought Jesus was a ghost. Have you ever gone through a trial and when, in retrospect, Jesus was there to help out all you could see was the storm? It's like sometimes in the midst of a storm Jesus shows up in the craziest way and it takes more from us to be able to discern what is God and what is not God.

         2. Peter was the only one to step out of the boat.  


So the disciples were 12 men hand picked by Jesus to follow him around and help out in the ministry of Christ. These men spent more time with Jesus than most people, so you can say they were really close. I find it so crazy that out of 12 men who were close to Jesus only one recognized him and did something about it. Peter obviously is human and had the same fears the rest of the men did. He was no better than anyone else. Yet Peter was the only disciple who had the trust in Jesus enough to step out of the boat. The crazy thing is walking on water IS INHUMAN! It's impossible for a grown man to walk on water! We all know that! So before Peter took that step of LITERAL faith out of the boat, he had to surrender his HUMAN thoughts. The thoughts that say, "This is impossible" or "What if he really is a ghost like the other guys say" or "I'm gonna fail." He had to leave that doubt in the boat in order to see the power of Jesus and to experience something no one else could experience.  


So once God revealed all that to me I was wondering why. "Okay God what's the significance of you showing me this?" Then God said, "There are some things my children need to leave behind in order to step into my power and experience something no one ever has."  


I write all of this to say that though I'm stressed and overwhelmed with my life right now, though I have no clue where I'll be living in April or how to prepare myself for this next season, I trust in God. I trust that everything I have to leave in 'my boat' is only gonna help show Gods power and allow me to experience something no one ever has!! 

I hope this encourages someone tonight because it genuinely is from the Lord. I pray that no matter what you go through in life you'll always be able to see Jesus in it. I pray that fear would not overwhelm your life but yet motivate you to step out on the water and enjoy the things God has for YOU and only you.  

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