let's get this party started (my first blog title is pretty strong right?!)

Hello there and thanks for checking out my blog. My name is Amanda Smith and this is my first blog entry here on my new website. I am a 22 yr old college student who also works full time and still manages to find time for netflix and snacks, *COUGH COUGH* I mean blogging and social media. Within the last 2 years I have grown a passion for fashion (I hate myself for saying that too) and so much more that I thought I would expand my presence on the internet and create a space more personal to me. I am so excited to start this journey because it has been a long time coming. I have felt a calling to blog for a long time, and even wrote a few out on my laptop. I was always too afraid to actually do it because... well aren't we all afraid of starting something new? 


Anyways I intend for this website/blog to show you every part of me (the pretty and the not so pretty) and share with you my love for life. Yes, that includes my love for coffee which you'll hear me talk a lot about. I love fashion, beauty, diy, dancing, art, music, food, coffee, traveling, adventures, and people. So I guess you can say this website is not only about me, but YOU!

There's something for everyone here and I can't wait to get this PARTY STARTED. I say party because when you hear the word "party" it sounds really fun right? We've all been to parties where we are having the time of our life. We've all been to parties where we are the loner eating all the food in the kitchen (please tell me I'm not alone), or talking to the house pet, or being the funny guy, the emotional girl in the quiet room, the one that falls asleep, or the one on the phone constantly with your parental (sorry mom for all those years of not answering the phone), the one who's glued to your friends side cause you don't know anyone, or the one playing DJ, or the one cleaning and cooking and making sure everything goes well. We've all have different experiences at parties so sometimes they bring good and bad memories.

Well that's life, and just like life this blog will show you my good days, my bad days, my pretty days, my ugly days, days where I eat 4 big mac's (yes I am fully capable of downing 4), days when I'm well rested and optimistic, days when I've prayed and days when I haven't (let's hope there aren't too many of those, lol). But throughout all those days these 3 things remain. 

I love MY GOD


I (not always but try to) love MY ART

Those 3 things are what make me who I am and the only 3 things I carry with me for the rest of my life. MY GOD, MY CALLING, AND MY ART (what I create). I hope what I bring to the table inspires you, motivates you, gets you thinking, opens you up, teaches you, and most of all shows you the Love of the One. 

Feel free to always leave feedback. Comment below any requests, questions or thoughts you may have. I love connecting with people so don't forget to check out my social media page and let's PARTY TOGETHER!