going into 2016 (here we go)



So it's 2016 now and like most people this year seemed to fly by, but unlike most people I'm glad it did. Since this is an open place for honesty then I must say this year wasn't the best one for me. In fact, I should probably look back on this year. The good, the bad, and the in between. Here we go... *gulps down a shot of expresso*

     I'll start off with a good one. I GOT A CAR! Well I actually got a truck, but nonetheless I got a car. I was 21 years old when I got my first car so this is a big deal to me. I had been getting rides from family and friends or just ubering everywhere. This put a damper on my life in a way that maybe a lot of people can't understand and that's okay. I had to schedule my life and things I wish to accomplish around other people which most of the time, weren't reliable. It stunk because I felt like I couldn't really do anything because me needing a ride was always a burden to someone. So the lord blessed me with my dad's old truck and I starting driving myself around and it felt great. 


     Another great thing that happened to me this year was that I got a new job. Before I had a temporary job in the food industry to get me by until I could find something I was happy doing, and I did! Forema Boutique was opening a new location and I applied and got the job. This leads me to the next monumental event that took place in 2015 that let's say wasn't the most fun. My first day at Forema I was training at a separate location and got the news that no one wants to hear. My mom needs surgery. But before I go any further, let me back it up and say that a few days prior to this phone call my mom told me she had cancer. [I plan on really digging deep sometime soon to write a blog all about that journey for me.] This shook me up and almost made me feel like I wasn't really living in reality, that my every day after that was a dream, even my first day at Forema.  As months continued, my mom got the surgery and is in a much better health state right now, cancer free. AMEN TO THAT!

     But the journery was rough and even rougher to balance a new job at the same time. Luckily with the strength from the Lord, help from friends and support from the church we were able to pull through.  Through all of this the thought that "We are not promised tomorrow" burned inside my heart. In fact, it burned my heart so much I decided that I wasn't gonna watch my life happen in front of me not controlling which way it goes and wishing I could live but to actually LIVE MY LIFE. I decided the rest of the year, "I'm gonna do me." That phrase seems so popular and almost selfish but I saw it as a phrase that reminded me of the dreams God put in my heart and to do them, to do.... me. So one of the dreams I had in my heart was a blog. I had previously been typing out all these ideas on my laptop with no intent on sharing them. I'm so glad I took that step of faith, to do me, and to trust God for the rest. 


     Later on that year I decided to also go on a trip to China with my church. I have a photo diary of my trip here on my blog if you want to see all the fun things we did. But this trip was not an easy one. It was one of the most expensive trips I had been on, the longest trip I've been on, and the one that required the most prayer. I thought I was a good prayer warrior, but that trip made me the best prayer warrior I could be. Though it wasn't easy the sacrifice was worth it. I would never trade it for anything in the world and I can say to my future children that I went to China. How many of you guys can say that?


     Later on in the year I got promoted to Assistant Manger at my job which was awesome. My first full time job. I love it so much and it has allowed me to grow in so many areas of my life. It helped me reach my potential on my blog, in my leadership, and so much more. Through my job I've also been able to network with fun people and be inspired. So much so that it brings me to my last 2015 memory. BLOGGERS. (Which was also the start of 2016 but we'll count it for this.) Bloggers is a cadence I'm starting at my church where I will help develop the blogging skills within people, inspire those who haven't started yet, and create a space of vision for everyone. I am so excited to start this soon and I can't wait to see how God uses me through it. 

What are some of the amazing memories you created in 2015? Comment down below, I'd love to hear your stories! <3 

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