Hey there and welcome to my blog. I'm assuming most of you came from my Instagram/Twitter/ Facebook to see what my big announcement was. Well I'm really excited to tell you. In fact, I've been waiting to tell you for a while. But before I just go out there and say it, let me share with you my heart because I believe in life people have things to say. I believe in life not everyone always feels comfortable to be themselves. I believe there is real therapy/fun/adventures to be had when we share them. You know a spiritual leader in my church Robert Martin lives by this motto; "Shared joy is double joy, & shared pain is half the pain." This quote changed my life.  


     I started my blog as a seperate avenue to share my heart but also obsess over my latest Lush face wash with people all over the Internet. It's hard to connect with people. It's hard to find "your person" and so my blog was also a start of new friendships. This  year Instagram blew up with #squadgoals pics, especially from Taylor Swift. I thought this was so cool and wanted to create something similIar in the church. A squad of bloggers who love Jesus and sharing their life with others. 


     So I say all that to say I'm starting a blogging cadence at my church. It's going to be called, "Bloggers." It will be a workshop setting but a place where anyone who loves to write, takes photos, or has something to say can get together, create content and vision cast with others.   I'm excited to say my blogging cadence will be every 2nd and 4th Saturday at 6pm at my church. I'm looking forward to meeting so many new people and creating content. 


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What: Bloggers Cadence  

When: Every 2nd & 4th Saturday of the month at 6pm  

Where: 9307 Curry Ford Road Orlando, Fl 32825 Room B208