A Velvet October.

Happy Friday! Today's post will be an outfit of the day from yesterday. I bought this new bodysuit and couldn't wait to shoot it! I was missing my blogger bae Mackensey so we planned a little lunch date and we snapped each others outfits (a typical bloggers lunch.) I have been obsessing over velvet (mainly because it's soft to touch) but also it gives my minimal/edgy style a little 70's touch. Perfect for fall! I'm venturing out of my comfort zone by purchasing something that is not black (although I also picked up a black one while I was shopping), but I ended up loving this ensemble. I will leave links below of where you can purchase items like mine! Hope you enjoy this look and have a great weekend! 


Bodysuit: Forever 21 $12.80 in stores only. 

Skirt: Random store in NYC,

Shoes: Target!!! $25! (I know!!) 

Sweater: Urban Outfitters. Here you can buy some similar!

Choker: Forema Boutique

Thank you so much for checking out today's post! Stay tuned for more fun posts and a SPECIAL PROJECT I'M WORKING ON ;) I hope you all have a safe and fun weekend! I have lots of events filling my time this weekend, but just like in these photos you should take some time to go outside and enjoy the amazing weather! The Florida girl inside is screaming from excitement! And of course this has been, 

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