t-shirt diy (im a pinterest girl right now and that's okay!)

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HAPPY FRIDAY! It's finally the weekend. This week seemed so long but I've been thinking about this blog post every day and now I can finally show you my very first DIY here on my blog. If you've been wondering how to make these super trendy t-shirts, then wait no longer! I'll be showing you how to cut, glue (yes, this is a no-sew diy), and make any t-shirt look edgy and perfect for your "street-style" look. Let's get started!

What you need:

1. Old Vintage T-shirt (I got all of mine from Goodwill in the Men's section)

2. Scissors

3. Chalk to draw the line where you will cut

4. Fabric Glue (unless you can sew.)

5. Black Matte Ribbon (this one is from Michael's for 2.99)

6. Large Eyelets (These are from Walmart for 2.50)

7. Eyelet Tool (This is also from Walmart for $3)

8. Cotton cORD (This large roll was from Michael's for $10)

9. A straight edge. (I'm using poster board cutouts) 

Step #1. Lay t-shirt on a flat surface. I did this DIY on my porch and laid the shirt on the ground. Place a flat edge under the shirt so you don't cut through the front and back of the shirt. I also used another flat edge to draw the line where I want to cut. I used chalk to draw the line so there isn't any permanent mark on the shirt. 

Step #2. Cut along the lines you drew with the chalk. Leave the "neck ring" to act as a choker. Next take your ribbon and measure out along the "V" cut and cut off the amount you need. Repeat this to both sides. Once you have your ribbon cut, take the fabric glue and apply some at the top of the shirt where the ribbon would be and lay the ribbon on the glue to dry. 

Step #3 Wait 45 minutes for the glue to dry so you can attach the eyelets. During this time I like to jam out to my current favorite tunes. Right now I've been loving all of Drake's new releases. "Fake Love" is my favorite. If you haven't heard it yet, you need to. Now you have time to! 

Step#4 Once the glue has dried on the shirt you are ready to attach the eyelets. Now this can get really tricky so I'm not going to confuse you. If you buy the eyelets and the tool to attach them from Walmart, they come with instructions. Those are the easiest instructions to follow and will explain what to do better than I could! 

Step #5. Once you have attached the amount of eyelets you want, you're ready to string your cord through. Get creative with this. You can use white, gold or any fun color cord to make it pop! As you can see in my photos above and below, In one of the shirts I used a gold ribbon as trimming (I got it from the Christmas Section...I know, but it came out so edgy). Once you have strung the cord through, tie the ends of both sides and cut off any excess string and tuck whats left over inside the shirt. This helps in case you ever want it tighter or looser, you have the control by being able to untie it at any time. 

Step #6. Once you've completed these 5 steps, you're done! At this point you can distress the shirt or spray some bleach on it for a more "worn-in" look! I distressed one of my shirts, and the other I distressed and bleach. I personally like the one without bleach more, but hey they both look great! 

I loved styling these two shirts with leather leggings and black ankle booties! I finished the look with a black baseball cap to dress down the look! If you happen to be going out to dinner and want to dress up the look, or you just live in a colder climate, throw on a leather jacket with it and you'll look even more edgy! Hope you guys enjoyed this DIY! If you recreate this look, send me photos on my social media! I want to see your creations! That's it for now, stay tuned for a lookbook video hitting my YOUTUBE CHANNEL coming on Monday featuring these two shirts and how I styled them! Thanks for reading! 


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