dreaming dreams


     Happy Monday. Yesterday I posted a photo to my Instagram page with the caption, "Currently creating dreams that make sleep seem stupid and time more precious." It's so true. I've had so much self/life discovery recently and one of the many things I have come to realize is this. In life you will have dreams you hope to see come true. 80% of the people that have those dreams, see those dreams as "far off" goals that maybe 'one day' will happen. The other 20% of people have a more realistic yet still passionate perspective on those dreams. They see them as "not so far off" goals. They see them as reality. They see them as something that can ONLY be done if they work hard and do everything in their power to accomplish what needs to be done to see those dreams come to pass. 

     For me, I have had more time on my hands to work on things I love. For example, I love my blog, and I love social media. Just by having more time on my hands to dedicate to those two things I love, I have dreamt new and more tangible dreams (on top of the ones I already had.) I'm in a place in my life where I'm viewing my future as something that isn't too far away. I'm starting to see my dreams as reality in that, I can actually do it if I work hard enough. It's all possible. Nothing that I'm dreaming up is too far out of my reach and further more, out of God's reach. Why would God place the passions in my life, dreams in my heart and the opportunities if it was only meant to be surface level? If I was meant for a different life? I can only trust and believe that God is speaking to me, in a creative way, about where He wants me to go, and what He wants me to dream about.

     With all that being said, if you're out there scared to dream. Don't be. If you're out there doubting what you have already dreamt. Stop. Or if you're out there thinking what you want to do in your life is impossible and too far out of your reach. Know that it's not. Whether you believe in God or not, know that there is a plan for your life that has been there from the beginning. The plan is good and it's our purpose in life to find that plan and fulfill that plan for our life. God knows you more than anyone. He even knows the stuff that you don't know yet.

     He knows your dreams. He knows you want real friendships. He knows you want to be financially stable. He knows you want to get married. He knows all the little things you wish for and don't tell anyone. He even knows that I want braces, a kitty, a degree, and to travel the world. He knows I want to have a successful and inspiring blog. God knows I want to direct photoshoots and produce creative content for companies. He knows I want a cool apartment. He knows I want to spend more time with my family. He knows, one day I want to fall in love again with the most fashionable guy who loves coffee and is a great cook, wants to live in NYC and doesn't mind not having a traditional life. God knows it all and He still gives you those dreams. He still gives you those open doors (and closed doors). He still allows those encouraging conversations with leaders and friends to take place.

     He still wakes you up each day with the same dream because it was meant for YOU. He gave them to YOU and only YOU and He did it on purpose. He allows it to be on your mind always because He wants you to know it's possible. He wants you to know it's tangible and YOU can do it. So I'll end with this, if you've been discouraged, chin up. Know this is not the end, it's only the beginning. If you've been hustling to see those dreams come to life, keep it up! You can do it and I'm so proud of your hard work and dedication. Don't ever stop! It will be worth it. I promise.

As Told By,