creative spotlight: david famous

Hello and happy Friday! I'm so excited that it's finally the weekend because of two things. Number one, it's almost Christmas (my favorite holiday) and two, I leave for NYC in just a day and a half. If anyone knows me they would know my love for the city goes beyond words, measurements or even Instagram photos (surprise, surprise). Today's post isn't about me though. For those of you who don't know, I started a monthly series called, "Artist Spotlight" where I put the 'Spotlight' on a artist that inspires me in some way and I interview them. Community is so important to me, especially in a day in age where we are on our technical devices about 8-10 hours of the day. It can be hard to find that connection where, we as creatives, need it the most. 

Meet David Famous. 

I personally know David from church where we both are highly involved in ministry and also in the creative community. I have always been inspired by David, whether he knew it or not. There's just something so inspiring about people who are unapologetically themselves. David can be described as a full-time, self-proclaimed media comedian, part-time TV lover, and Freelance Creative. If it has to do with culture and impacting people, David is looking for a way to be involved in it. He started free-styling at the lunch table, then writing poetry for his high school classes, to now where he is preforming rap music all over Orlando. Outside of school, the church played a huge role in helping him find his talents, as well as giving him an outlet to share them. He recently released an EP called, "Bigger Picture" (pictured above) which tells a brief story about his faith, struggles with addiction, and loss of loved ones. He is currently working on a new project "JOY" (working title) which will come out early 2017. Check out our interview and some of his work down below. 

Q: Explain your creative process in less than 100 words.

 A: The lighter side of my creative process starts with either a vibe, a random thought or an emotion from personal experience. Usually I'll feel a certain way about some past or present experience and I'll turn my thoughts on the situation into an instrumental, or lyrics. Other times, the deeper stuff starts off by asking myself "What do you care about?" That tends to lead me to this place of depth and reflection and I’ll go from there.

Q: What are some of your future dreams that you are currently working towards?

A:  I want to blow up in Orlando, and become locally famous and use that platform to make a difference in the city, from doing performances to fundraise for local charities or back to school drives creating a movement using my influence, I'm trying to write and direct a short film off of the EP that tells either my story or something similar. Turn my home studio into a legit work space for anyone interested in recording they can walk out with a professional quality. 

Q: What do you hope to accomplish through your work?

 A. It's happened already, but I would love to receive more feedback from people sharing how my stories helped them. I want to change perspectives, open people up to conversations and see them make life changes. Get people to think eternally. 

Q: List three things that you are currently obsessing over.

A. Currently obsessing over Steak Quesorito's (cheese quesadilla used as a tortilla to wrap a burrito in) from my job at Chipotle. This TV show called Travelers, and “Me and your Mama” by Childish Gambino. 

Q: What’s the funniest thing that has happened to you recently?

A. My ex-girlfriend posted a picture of us on her Instagram which to this very moment is still confusing everyone.

Q: What do you think about when you’re alone?

A. If people like coffee as much as they say or if it’s more of a social habit. How I can be a better friend, brother, artist, person, etc. To be honest if you scroll through my twitter it’s pretty accurate of my thoughts.

Q: And lastly, what would you say to a young artist who is trying to get out there? 

A. Two things, #1. You don’t have to release anything you're not proud of, don't fall into the trap of thinking cause you started an idea you have to release it. #2. Don't focus so much on making your music perfect, just focus on making music. 


Thank you for reading. Stay tuned for next month's Artist Spotlight, who is a dear friend of mine, Rebekah Haddock. Until then, this has always been...

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