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There’s this energy about New York that I’m addicted to. It’s the type of energy that makes you want to do a million things each day and then stay up all night. It’s the energy that makes you dream bigger and believe those dreams can actually happen. An energy that makes your phone seem less important and getting up at 5am to hustle an absolute necessity. This energy can be found in other cities I’m sure, but New York City is a world on its own. There’s something that makes that itch in your heart seem so intense that not even 'landing the dream job', or 'getting that call' can cure. There’s always more. Something else. It never stops there. You need another. Frank Sinatra understood this feeling. He sings, “Start spreading the news. I want to be a part of it. New York, New York.” So here I am, spreading the news to anyone on the internet that's reading, I love New York. Here’s what I’ve been up to the last four days with pictures and links. If you love the city like I do, or know of any cool places, leave your recommendations down below. 


The first two days here I had to work from my laptop so they were cut a little bit short, but we still made time to make our way to Little Italy to one of my favorite coffee shops in the city, Happy Bones. If you're an avid Instagram-Tag-Searcher (there's got to be a better name for that) then you may have stumbled across this place on your voyage for coffee shops. It's way smaller than pictures can show, but the chai tea latte (or really any other drink) is well worth the crammed space. Make sure to plan for this one a little earlier in your day, they close at seven (everybody say boo). 


Subways can be terrifying. Especially if you've never traveled for yourself, by yourself. I am usually with someone who knows where they are going so I've grown accustomed to relying on them to get around. This time though, I've been trying to understand the trains myself more and more. I downloaded "Moovit". An app that tells you exactly what train to get on, where to walk to, when you need to transfer and more. It's been so helpful in our desperate need to get out of the cold and somewhere across town fast. I've also been able to enjoy the underground world subways can offer. Aside from the smelly elevators and occasional poop I've stepped in, it's been a dream. *Props to my best friend, Chris for taking the photo of me above, check out more of his shots from this trip on his social media. 

Yummy stuff. 

Eatly was one of my favorite places to eat when I first started visiting the city. It still has a part of my heart (and stomach). Especially their desserts. Fun fact, growing up the way I learned how to tell the difference in spelling 'desserts' and 'deserts" was that 'desserts' has two 's's' because you always want seconds. And that is more than relatable in this case. I treated myself to a Caramel-Peanut Tiramisu. I say treated because it was $6, and in Orlando that equals a Chick-Fil-A meal, or 2.5 gallons of gas. Yes, New York is way more expensive than anyone from the South can imagine. Like I said, it was a treat. 


They (locals) always tell travelers in the city one way to stick out like a sore thumb is to look up while walking around the city. Apparently it gives it away that you're a tourist, or whatever. To me, I could care less. I mean, I do want to vacation like a local while I'm here, but I am visiting. I don't see this every day, and even if I did, I would never get tired of looking up. Up is where you see the buildings touch the sky. You can see old advertisements plastered on brick or even someone hanging clothes from there apartment window. Just like there is a whole other world underground (subways), I believe there's a whole other world above, in the sky where the buildings end. I mean, what's so wrong with looking up, snapping a few photos and saving them for a rainy day (that's what I did)? 

Photo by:  Christoper Pereira

Thanks for reading my New York diaries part one. I will upload another part (obviously) in a few more days. Again, if you have any recommendations of any cool places let me know either down below or on my social media. Until then,

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