Hello loves, so I currently am home sick with the flu and had to cancel on some fun blogging work and shoots. It stinks to use 2 of my days off to just rest but my body needs it. That doesn't mean my brain stops working,  so of course I had to write a blog. While being sick, I took a short trip to my local CVS to get some soup and a redbox and I can never go in without looking at the make up section. Unbeknownst to me, CVS has upped their game. So not only do they have e.l.f products now, but theres brand new E.L.F items I have yet to see on the shelfs. So, I had to indulge a little. 

What I'm most excited about was this brand new face brush, one of the newer brushes. Technically this one is called the "Selfie Ready Powder Brush" for just $6! I can't believe how affordable these brushes are, (I'm gonna have to go back and get more.) This may be a powder brush, but I love these dense dome shaped brushes to apply my foundation. I feel like it does such a great job at packing on product and blending into my skin without eliminating the coverage like some brushes/sponges can. So I'm excited to see how this one will work (YIPPEEEEE!!!!)

The second thing I got is a E.L.F powder brush for only $4, which is an essential in my make up collection. I buy these powder brushes all the time for many reasons. 1. It's so incredibly affordable. 2. I tend to always lose them, so the more the merrier. and 3. It is by far my favorite brush to apply powder after my foundation. It packs on product without making it look cakey. It leaves the skin looking airbrushed and flawless. 

I then picked up a new product, the Illuminating Palette. At first it looked like a contour palette with shimmer but it's a highlighting kit in different shades. I may not use the darkest one until the summer and I'm so fair that it could be used as a bronzer. Besides that factor, I'm super excited to use the palette and play around with the other colors. I think with the weather warming up, I should be getting tanner (should be is the keyword...) so all the colors will be put to use soon. 

Next I picked up the Radiance Enhancer pen which is essentially a liquid highlighter. I decided to get a pink-tone color even though right now my skin tone is very fair, because like I said summer is coming and hopefully so is my tan (or at least my spray tan is coming soon, lol.) I love the way liquid highlighter looks on tan skin or just on bare skin. I tend to wear just BB creams in the summer. With the sun heat on my skin it's better for me to wear less than to cover my pores and fill it with product. So in the summer, adding a smidge of liquid highlighter on the top of my cheek bones for an added glow. So I'm jumping on this product with excitement. 

Lastly, I tried something new, false lashes. Okay, so in the make-up world these aren't the best quality lashes but since I'm new to false lashes I thought this is a great way to start. It also had some good reviews, so for the price I can't complain at all. 2 sets of lashes, glue and tweezers for only $3, you can't beat that! Out of the two, I'm most excited for the half lashes because since I am new to it, I feel like those will be the easiest to apply and the most natural. This should be fun. 

All together I'm super happy with my E.L.F purchases and can't wait to try them out. There were more products I wanted to get but when I'm not sick I'll have more energy to shop. For now, I'll try these out and come back and let you guys know how they worked for me. If you guys know any E.L.F products that are new, let me know. I love trying to things out in the drugstore and sharing them with you guys. :) 

Thank you guys for reading and stay tuned for more posts coming soon. And like always, it's been

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