what's on my face and other questions i ask myself on the daily.

So I was inspired by my E.L.F haul post to create another beauty related post. I realized after posting my E.L.F haul, that was my first beauty post here on my blog. AHHHH!! So exciting! (*dancing alone in my room with no music on....so cool.) Anyways I decided to create a post about the products that I'm currently using on my face. My foundation routine has been the only consistent thing about my everyday make up routine so once I have a set look and stick to it every day, I'll share those products with you and maybe a video on my channel. What do you think? 


So this post won't include any skincare (cause that will take forever, so maybe another day), but just my foundation routine. So this routine starts after I have washed & moisturized my face. I've been reaching for these 5 items the most recently, and they work perfectly combined. 

Starting with #1 Foundation. So I have super dry skin and don't always need a primer under my foundation, so once I've moisturized I'm ready to start. The foundation I've been using recently is the Smashbox Liquid Halo. I am in the shade 2. What I love about this foundation is that it is a medium to full coverage foundation but feels like nothing on my skin. Which I love because I usually need my foundation to last 8+ hours. It has a luminous finish to it that makes my skin look naturally flawless when it's really as dry as the Sahara Desert. I love applying my foundation with my new E.L.F face brush I recently purchased.

Moving on to #2 Concealer. My Mac Prolongwear Concealer has been my best friend for years. I mean this girl (yes, I call her my gurl) and I have been through a lot together. I go between NC20 & NC15. Sometimes I like to mix the two to create a full coverage finish with a lighter shade to double as a brightner (especially underneath my eyes.) I blend out my concealer with a beauty blender for more of an airbrushed look. I also realized applying concealer with a beauty blender rather than a brush helps the concealer blend easier and seem lighter on my skin. The last thing I want on my dry skin is layers and layers of thick products. So these two together are a great duo.

Lastly, I set my foundation (and finished makeup look) with this new Wet n Wild setting spray. I just stumbled across this little guy at Target the other day, bought it, and fell in love. Now it says it's supposed to last all day, but I find it only lasts around 8hrs before my foundation starts to wear away (which could be the foundation or the spray, not sure which one.) What I love most about it is that it's only $4.99!! OMG! A setting spray for $5 that works!! Ahh!


Foundation: http://www.sephora.com/liquid-halo-hd-foundation-spf-15-P380996

ELF Brush: http://www.elfcosmetics.com/p/selfie-ready-powder-brush?dept=tools-single-brushes

Concealer: http://www.maccosmetics.com/product/13844/10181/Products/Makeup/Face/Concealer/Pro-Longwear-Concealer

Beauty Blender: http://www.beautyblender.com/shop/category/sponges.html

Setting Spray: https://www.wetnwildbeauty.com/face/primer/photo-focustm-setting-spray.html

That completes my foundation routine. I have been loving all these products recently and hope you guys get to try them out. If you have tried any of these out let me know which one is your favorite. As for me, I'm still getting over my flu, so I'll be cuddling in my bed with a hot cup of soup and advil. Make sure to subscribe to my blog to be notified when I post again! Until then, this has been 

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