Denim on Denim on Denim

     I recently have been obsessed with denim. Maybe because it's been colder outside so I have to wear pants, or maybe because denim is actually cool. It never goes out of style. For example, the jeans I'm wearing in today's post are my favorite high waisted jeans. They are from a company called, 'Hidden Jeans.' Never heard of them before I actually got these. Funny story, I got them for $15 from a local Plato's Closet. They are super soft and fit me so well. I was so surprised they fit me so well (being that I'm 5'2 and high waisted jeans never fit me properly) so I had to do some research. I found this company's online store and instantly fell in love. Now, I'll be honest, I'm not in love with how expensive they are (some ranging in the hundreds) but I can tell why since they are such great quality. 

Nevertheless, I have been wearing them about 3 times a week, especially with these over the knee black boots. These boots were only $38 from Forema Boutique and have also been such a staple piece during the winter weather, and it helps that they are so comfy to walk in. In today's outfit I paired the jeans and boots with a black crop top and a denim jacket. My crop top is from Henri Girl and my black denim jacket is from Forever 21. I'll leave links down below if I can find the items online. 

I love this whole outfit. It gives me so many different vibes. The first one would for sure be a 90's vibe. Although high waisted, fitted jeans with over the knee boots don't scream 90's, I think this high neck black crop top with a denim jacket over it does. Plus who in their right mind would wear denim on denim like this? I have no idea. All I know is that when me and Olivia (fellow co-worker/friend/fashion blogger/amazing person) were walking up and down park avenue taking these photos, I felt great. NOTHING COULD RAIN ON MY PARADE! Except rain of course, which funny story it was raining as we were taking these photos and this shoot had to be cut short because of it. (Peep that frizzy hair though!)

Even though it rained this day we got a lot of good shots and found some more fun places to shoot! Horray! I'm so in love with this outfit you've probably seen we wear it like 3 times a week on the IG or Snap. Speaking of IG & Snapchat, you guys should totally follow me. of course I write a lot more and share way more photos here, I post on my social media daily. so if you're a creepy social media stalker like me (minus the creepy part) then you'll love it. Plus I love meeting and connecting to so many local creatives just like me through social media. In fact, I've met a handful of people through IG and created some amazing connections because of it. 

For now enjoy the blog, there's way more photos from this shoot coming soon on the blog. I'm sure you'll be able to recognize which ones they are (just remember the frizzy red hair okay?) I love and appreciate everyone who actually reads my blog. Sometimes it feels like people just want pictures but those out their that take their time to read this make me feel special, important, valuable. SO to all of you wonderful people, thank you. I did this for me, and for you. In fact speaking of thank you and creative stuff (cause when are we not speaking of that) I am working on something very special for my youtube Channel that I've never done before. Something that I think will really make my channel more personal and hopefully inspiring. I gave a little sneak peak on my SnapChat story the other day, so make sure to follow if you wanna know what's going on. Until next time. 

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Amanda Smith