pop of red (like me)

     Hello, hope you're having an amazing Wednesday! It's been such a busy weekend --> week for me. It's been filled with working, cleaning, writing blogs, laundry, more work and finding time to film videos for my channel (I need a vacation.) But today's post is all about an outfit I wore when it was a little bit colder outside (Florida decided today it would be summer already.)

     In this outfit, I  decided to play up the red hair color I have for once and add pops of red to this outfit. I usually stick to neutral colors in wardrobe, but today I wanted to be vibrant... in a subtle way. This outfit was perfect for the day I was wearing it because it was actually chilly here in the FL (I say actually because it's usually the Sahara Desert here.) This fun fuzzy crop sweater is from H&M and I got it on sale for $11 last year when all their winter clothes were on clearance (best time to go shopping am I right?) I paired the sweater with high rise boyfriend jeans. These are from Pacsun, a little pricey but worth every penny. I also wore a red lace bralette from Urban Outfitters underneath. I got this one on sale too during their Black Friday event (which is by far the best thing to go to on black Friday) for only $7! That's right. $7 dollars. I'M AWARE this is the best find ever!

Don't forget accessories. So this purse is not only a Chanel lookalike, but it's from one of my favorite boutiques! FOREMA! Who would have guessed it? This cute bag comes in white, black and red, and I think it was only $26. What a steal! I love the vibrant shade of red because it makes a statement all on it's own. I think you could definitely dress this up or dress it down. I would probably also wear this with an all black outfit and let the red stand out like it was born to do. Finish the ensemble off with some flats and you're good to go. These are from Old Navy and they were on sale for $6. I CAN'T BELIEVE THAT EITHER!!! 

     I was born to be a bargain shopper. If you need the look for less, I'm your girl. I might love clothes and putting together outfits but I hate, no, DESPISE spending money on them. ugh. Such a drag, Anyway I love that this whole outfit is so comfy and warm that I could wear it all day. I think the pops of red can make me stand out in a crowd without saying too much. That's what it's all about. 

Well I hope you liked today's blog post and if you love these outfit posts make sure to like and share for more! I also would love to get some feedback, comment down below your thought and request! 

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