the 23 things i have learned at 23


Hello there. I just turned 23 years old on March 17th. Yeah, that's right. St. Patrick's Day. I guess it doesn't help that I'm 25% Irish and I have red hair. I'm basically a Leprechaun. I usually hate sharing my birthday with a holiday in which people where (in my opinion) the most hideous color and get drunk, but this year I didn't let that phase me. I was determined to make it great (as I wear only white & black.) Of course another year passes and you start to look back at the previous year in retrospect. Given my last post, this shouldn't shock anyone. I decided to compile a list of 23 things I have learned at 23. This should be fun. Let's begin...


1. It's important to invest in friendships that sharpen you. No matter the distance, awkward conversations, history, ect... You are nothing without good people around you.

2. DO IT. If you have dreams and desires in your heart. Stop talking about it, stop even thinking about it. Just do it! Do it now!!!

3. Your time is valuable. Be intentional about every minute you spend, because you will never get it back. Remember, you have the same amount of hours in the day as Beyonce'. What are you doing with them? 

4. Sleep is important, but you can sleep when you're dead. If it's an hour past your usual "bedtime" and a friend wants to hang, or you want to write a blog. Just do it! People are so important, and that 1 hour isn't gonna kill you.

5. Just because I'm young doesn't mean I shouldn't live a healthy lifestyle. So as a young person we tend to eat whatever we want and rarely work out. Well I believe that if you take care of yourself now, at an earlier age than most people do, you will see much more life in your time than those who don't. I mean, who wouldn't want to look younger than their age & stronger than people think? 

6. SCHOOL IS A MUST. Okay, so I hear success story after success story of people making it without a college degree. Years ago places wouldn't even give you the time of day unless you had a degree from a university, and even then that wasn't always enough. Now there are several people breaking out of the college shell, creating something amazing and making it big, with no degree. Now, if you happen to be one of those people, great. Awesome. Good for you. But as I get older I realize that there are things you will never learn unless you go to school. It's important, and that's coming from someone who debates on quitting every 5 seconds, lol. 

7. I'm allergic to cactus' & succulents. yay. 

8. Letting go has nothing to do with "quitting." Ask yourself, "Am i sticking this out or am I staying stuck?" You know yourself best.

9. Blogging is harder than it looks, but way more fun than I thought. 

10. Nothing good comes out of my mouth past 2am..... NOTHING.

11. You will get there, when you get there.

12. It's okay to splurge once in a while.

13. Friends come & go and come & go and come & go and then go and go and go, but you just do you. Keep doing you & you'll see after a few seasons of your life who sticks around.

14. Have the courage to trust love one more time. <3

15. A lack of boundaries brings a lack of respect. 

16. Lamentations 3:22-23

17. Making your bed & a cup of coffee every morning will make your morning 100% better. Even on Mondays.

18. Sing/Rap songs really loudly in the car. It makes everything better. 

19. Nothing is worth it if I'm not happy.

20. Happiness is not found in a place or things or even a relationship. It's found in that secret place you have with your heavenly father. 

21. Minimize your life. Create space for what's important. 

22. Don't let people make you feel stupid because stars, and puppies, and birthdays, and hand written notes, and gifts excite you. 

23. Everything I want deep down in my heart will always be on the other side of fear. 

And that's a wrap. Obviously I've learned way more than those 23 things but those were the things that stuck out the most and I wanted to share it with all of you. I believe in life it's important to take time out to look at your life, see what you like & don't like. Make a list & make the rest of your life better. Often times we go through life without ever stopping to check up on ourselves. I know I have let that happen to me (which usually results in a emotional/mental breakdown in which I cry and contemplate quitting everything) so no judgement here. I hope you learned something too from this post. If you feel you have learned any valuable life lessons, I'd love to hear what they are. Share the knowledge, heck I could always use the help! Comment down below, share, like or tweet me! 

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