spring lookbook 2016 (florals for spring? groundbreaking.)

Hello & welcome to Spring on my blog! We are starting off this fresh new season with a lookbook compiling 3 of my go to colors for spring. Black, White & Periwinkle Blue (also known as light denim which is also not a color but a fabric but go with it.) I try my hardest to branch out of the white, black, nude color scheme my artistic body can never seem to let go of, but it's just not gonna happen. It won't ever change, and that's fine with me. I'll be showing you three o my favorite day time outfits for spring that incorporate these colors. Keep in mind I live in Florida. Which if you have never been, just imagine living inside someone's hot mouth....and there you go. That's what it feels like going outside. So I wear little clothes, and thin fabric...... get over it. Without further adieu, here's my lookbook!

This first outfit embodies my comfort meets fabulous style. I like to look good but feel great. My top is from Shop Tobi, jeans from Target, bralette from Urban Outfitters, necklace from Forema Boutique and shoes from Forever 21. Perfect for a date night out, shopping with friends, or lunch with the girls. Plus it's cool enough for the humidity and heat us Floridians have to bear every day.

This second outfit is by far my favorite because it's mostly black (thank God) and it's a two piece. I totally see this worn with a metallic fanny pack at a music festival. Too bad I don't live in a state that has those or have friends who would go with me, but hey at least I can have the outfit right?! This two piece set is from Forema Boutique, necklace from Urban Outfitters along with my ankle booties, and sunglasses from Style Encore. 

This last outfit is definitely the most fabulous one and the least comfy. I mean if we're talking comfort we should just wear a black fuzzy Snuggie and lay on the couch with Taco Bell while watching Gossip Girl. Amirite ladies?!? My bodysuit is from American Apparel, my skirt if from Forever 21, fuzzy jacket is from Forema Boutique and statement necklace is from H&M. I love this outfit for a dinner out with the family or a first date night out on the town. 

Thanks for checking out my Spring Lookbook. I'm in the midst of more shooting & filming for more fun spring and summer prokects for you guys so stay tuned. If there is ever anything you want to see here on my blog or youtube channel, just comment down below or send me a message. I love hearing from you guys. I hope your start to spring has been amazing. It's a time for a fresh start and new beginnings, which are always the best. I pray only blessings and positive people to surround you this spring season. Until next time this has been of course...

As Told By,

Amanda <3 

Photos by the lovely: http://mariigaabz.wix.com/home <3