summer sixteen bucket list


With the summer fast approaching I've been doing a lot of thinking. Thinking about the summer weather, how badly I need a tan, and how I told myself I'd work out to get that summer bod and I ate pizza instead. Lots and lots of pizza. Nonetheless this summer will be a good, it will be a great one! The only way I can make sure of that is to decide it will be a great one. Make plans for it to be a great one. Wake up every day and tell myself, "Today will be a great day to my great summer." So far I have a few things planned, nothing big or spectacular. So because I want a amazing summer so badly I've decided to make a list. (If anyone knows me you'll know I love to make lists.) So here goes my SUMMA SIXTEEN BUCKET LIST.... (maybe it will inspire you.) Let's get started!!! 

  1. GO TO THE BEACH (A LOT) Okay this is a given but of course I had to include it in my number one slot.

  2. GO TO DEVILS DEN. Okay if you have never heard of it, it's a underground spring that is basically on everyones summer bucket list so I mean.... Duh!

  3. Buy a super trendy and colorful pool floaty and take cool pictures....(how basic of me.)

  4. Learn to ride a bike, and then ride one. (Okay yes, I'm 23 years old and I don't know how to ride a's embarassing.)

  5. Get a tan

  6. Eat lots of ice cream

  7. Late night drives blasting throwback rap songs

  8. Picnic outside on a sunny day

  9. Farmers Market (I especially love Winter Park Farmers Market on Saturday Mornings.)

  10. Visit my mom in NYC at least once....or twice.

  11. Go on multiple spontaneous adventures

  12. Have a bonfire with friends

  13. Film a ton of videos for my channel, and shoot a ton of fun things for my blog!!!

  14. Watch the sunrise or set at the beach

  15. attend a concert (JUSTIN BIEBER IN JUNE!!!!)

  16. Harry Potter movie marathon


  18. Learn how to cook one fun thing

  19. Game night at my house

  20. Paddle Board

  21. Kayak

  22. Save Money

  23. Try something new

  24. Overcome one fear

  25. Laugh till I cry

So that's about it for now (I'll obviously add more as the summer continues) but these are the 25 things I want to do this summer. I hope to accomplish all of them, and do it with people I love. Let me know in the comments below what are some of your "Bucket List" items for the summer coming up. I'd love to hear them and get inspired! I'm so excited for this season but more than that to do fun summery things here on my blog! if there's anything specific you guys want to see, let me know! Until next time, this has been of course...

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