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The Red Scarlet Salon

Hello and happy Friday! Last Saturday I had the amazing opportunity to visit The Red Scarlet Salon in Thornton Park, Fl. They reached out to me and I have to say, I was thrilled because I was in desperate need of a haircut. I decided before I went into the salon, I just wanted a wash, cut, and blowout since I don't usually dye my hair. I wanted to share my experience (and photos) with you all. So let's get started!

*Disclaimer: The Red Scarlet Salon offered me a complimentary service in exchange for an honest review of my experience. However, all thoughts and opinions are my own and I was not monetarily compensated as such. *

     My first impression of The Red Scarlet was location. I know my way around Thornton Park but for someone who wouldn't it was very easy to find. Parking was right next to the salon, which was the first thing that "wowed" me because parking in the downtown area is hard to find (especially if you can't parallel park like me). I walked right in and was greeted and offered a drink. I noticed the salon was extremely clean and everyone there seemed so happy. I checked in and this is where I thought to myself, "You know there's great management when..." I told them my name and they instantly knew who I was, who was going to do my hair and what service I was getting done. I loved that! It not only made me feel special but I knew that I was going to be taken care of. 

After that I met my stylist Blake. I could tell he was the creative type right away from the photos taped up in his station (which made me instantly love him). The first thing I said was, "Is this where you get inspiration from?" He replied by saying the photo collage helps clients figure out exactly what they want from cut to color. I remember thinking "Wow, what a creative way to connect to your client." I personally work in a boutique where I'm styling people all day and so this inspired me as a stylist. Blake and I then discussed what I wanted to do with my hair and all the while I was expecting him to be touching my mane and in my personal bubble (as most hair stylist are right away) but he took a moment to sit back and listen. He made me feel like not only did he know what he was doing, but so did I. It's my hair and he knew that (which again...many hair stylists want to tell you all they know and what YOU should do to your hair). I opted for a regular wash, cut, and blowdry. I wanted my hair to be shorter for summer but still texturized for volume. I love the messy wavy look.

Once our consultation was done, we were off to shampoo my hair! My favorite part! From the smell of the shampoo, to the warm water and the neck massage in the middle, I was in heaven. Once we finished we were back to cut and blow dry my hair. Honestly time went by so fast because I was just chatting with Blake the whole time. I love talking and meeting new people so this was my favorite part of the experience so far. We talked about everything from my job and interests to his vacation he was getting ready to take.

After a few snips and flips we were done. He turned the chair around and I got to see my fresh new cut! I was in love! It's hard sometimes to trust that you communicated exactly what you wanted to your stylist and they understood, but Blake got it right! I stood up and took a closer look to my hair and was full of joy! The back of my hair was short just like I wanted. My layers were more dominant just like I asked for and the texture still allowed my natural wavy hair to shine through. I even loved how the length around my face was still there. All in all, I was a happy client. Off to take photos of my new hair! Once photos were taken I checked out and I went on my way, to take more selfies of course! 

At the end of my experience I was overjoyed and extremely satisfied. I knew this was a place I trusted and I would definitely be back. It's a great feeling leaving a salon and everything you wanted happened and love the end results. I would highly recommend anyone to visit The Red Scarlet not only for the great services but the experience too. Blake was awesome and I would definitely go back to him. Now that it's been a week later I can still say I adore my hair and find it easy to style. Thank you to the amazing salon for having me and taking the best care of me. I am so happy and can't wait to visit again! 

The Red Scarlet Salon

Address: 717 E Washington St

Orlando, FL

Phone Number: (407) 246-5488




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