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Hello and happy Thursday! So as you all know I love coffee. I live for coffee. Coffee is needed in my every day routine and without it I'm incomplete. Okay, okay I know that sounds dramatic but it's low key true. Coffee is my best friend and I don't care who knows it! What I love most about coffee is the environment you'll find it in, particularly coffee shops. Coffee shops are my favorite. ~ Letting you on a little secret of mine, I dream about falling in love at a coffee shop one day. ~ Any who, most coffee shops are a place you'll find first dates, study groups, devotional time, writing and reading time or a meeting ground. I wanted to expand my weekly coffee shop into a place where I meet new people, deliberately. 

This may sound completely crazy and very 2016 of me, but I decided I wanted to start reaching out to more people I follow online and meeting them over coffee. Whether it be to actually collaborate together on a project or to simply talk about why Pokemon Go is, in fact, the best game ever created. Either way, the idea of meeting someone new over coffee seemed so magical to me and I couldn't wait any longer. That's when I DM'ed Mackensey Moor (@mmoor) on Instagram. She's a local fashion blogger who I had been following on Instagram for a while. I loved her sense of style and the way she took photos. She was around my age so I said let's get coffee at my favorite coffee shop! She was down and the rest was history! 

I snapped some photos, we sipped on some Matcha, and we talked for hours. Truthfully it felt like we had known each other our whole lives. We chatted about everything from fashion, to school, to work, to our favorite tv shows, to the scariest moments we've had inside a Target. Long story short, this very purposeful meeting turned into a fantastic friendship, and now we Snapchat each other on the regular. I honestly am so proud for putting myself out there because you never know what great friendships could come of it. We even talked about collaborating soon for our blogs. 

All in all, it was a great experience and taught me so many things. The first thing it taught me was, it's okay to put the camera down and just live in the moment. Especially as a blogger, it can be so easy to get caught up in the photos and the aesthetic and forget about the moment, the person. It's understandable if you don't get all the perfect shots and instead you spend that time building a friendship. The last thing it taught me was to put myself out there more. I tend to stay in my comfy shell when it comes to the blogging world and it's so hard to make new friends. Having such a successful coffee date with Mackensey taught me that there are so many young girls/bloggers out there who feel the same and they just want to have coffee and chat. That thought makes it a little bit easier to step outside of my comfort zone because I know I'm not alone.  I'm glad I got to meet someone as spunky and wonderful as Mackensey and I can't wait to meet more amazing people and hear some amazing stories. 


Mackensey is a college student living in Orlando, Florida and owns She loves fashion and cats and Pokemon. She enjoys a good cup of coffee, lace up shoes, and diy'ing some old jeans. Get to know her by following her on Instagram. 



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