fall fashion in humid florida


     Hello and Happy Monday! What a wonderful way to start the week off. Last week shooting for this post it was a whopping 99 degrees outside and today it was 95. YAY FALL! As upsetting as Florida weather is in September, I have to keep hope alive that any breeze will make it socially acceptable to wear any type of outerwear. Nonetheless I can still wear fall colors. Now 97% of my closet is black, white, nude or grey and the 3% is Olive Green or Mustard Yellow. I break out that 1% of Olive Green and 1% of Mustard Yellow like no one's business. So of course this post is no different. 

   I collaborated with the beautiful Mackensey Moor (you may recognize her from my "Meeting New People Over Coffee" post). She has the coolest, trendiest style so of course I was so excited. Check out her blog here, or her Instagram here. I decided to go for an "Everyday, Wearable" look since that's what you'll usually find me in. I hope you enjoy all the photos!

Thank you for checking today's post! Stay tuned for more written & fashion posts coming this week! In the meantime, let me know which look was your favorite in the comments below. Mine? or Mackensey's? 

As Told By,

Amanda Smith.