creative spotlight: rebekah haddock


Here's to our first "Artist Spotlight" post of 2017; Cheers! I'm more than thrilled to showcase this young lady who I hold as a dear friend, not just because of the countless creative conversations we have had but because she is simply inspiring. Styled with grace and edge Rebekah wow's her readers and audience every chance she gets. Whether it's a written piece for her blog or a new song, she continues to touch the hearts of those around her (including mine). Check out my interview with her, photos and ways you yourself can connect to what's she doing down below. Don't forget to show her some love by following all her social media. Enjoy! 


Rebekah Haddock has a blog titled “Planted Inward,”  and has been featured as a writer and editor on Daughter’s of Day. Sixteen years of musical training, she is signed as a live artist under Victory Productions, has played keys on a worship album titled, Never Lose Sight, released several singles, and has performed at local Orlando coffee shops, bars, and Disney hotels. She is also an intern for UCF’s literary magazine, The Florida Review, will graduate this coming spring from UCF with a Bachelor's in English Creative Writing, and will attend Hillsong Leadership College beginning in July 2017 to pursue a diploma in ministry.


Q: Explain your creative process in 100 words or less.

A: Screenwriting, VO’s, Poems, Essays, Blogs: Pray. Hunt down instrumental (usually from: Explosions in the Sky, Hans Zimmer, or Hammock). Play song on repeat. Free write. Take a break. Read it over. Highlight what I liked. Elaborate in detail. Eliminate the bad. Repeat until draft is finished. Get critiques. Begin editing.

Songwriting: Pray. Find topic. Grab acoustic. Find progression (happy, sad). Hum melodies. “Bingo!” Record voice memo. Sing whatever comes to mind. Play it back. Write it down. Erase the bad. Fill in the gaps. Re-record song. Repeat until finished. Get critiques. Obsess over it. Ignore it. Come back to it. Begin editing.


Q: What are some future dreams you are currently working towards?

A: I have a lot of dreams, way too many to count, but right now I’m focusing on my dream of attending Hillsong Leadership College in Sydney, Australia for worship ministry.


Q: What project has been your favorite to work on so far?

A: There has been so many incredible things I've worked on! But so far my favorite was this voice over I wrote about God’s love. I used the song “Did I Scare You?” by Explosions in the sky & David Wingo.

Q: What would you say to a young artist striving to get out there?

A: People watch and eavesdrop as much as you can. Observe your surroundings, listen and relate to people’s problems, get a good laugh at how ridiculous they sound, shed a tear for those who are pained, and learn how to empathize with others just like you. Write down what they said and write down how you’d respond compared to their friend’s remarks and create a song for them; or a dance, or film, or poem, or blog post. Analyze your community's strife and become active listeners to the conversations around you - verbal and nonverbal. Never ever lose your childlike, wondrous gaze, even towards something as mundane as casual conversation.

Q: List the three things you are currently obsessing over.

A:  Bruno Mars’ new album, 24K Magic. FitJoy protein bars (cookie dough flavor). “The Crown” (Netflix Original Series)

Q: What’s the funniest thing that has happened to you recently?

A: The wind blew a newspaper off a ‘club rush’ table outside of UCF’s Student Union when it was on and poppin’. So this clumsy- 21-year-old thought, “hey, why not set an example since no one else is trying to throw that sucker away.” But, as the paper tumbled across the courtyard, it slid through her hands not once, not twice, but three times. On the fourth try, she thought she’d lunge and stop the paper with the tip of her toes - and indeed, she was triumphant - however, she fell over flat on her face in front of a group of very handsome and very muscular ROTC boys.

Photos by: Carlos Chan. 


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