sex sells (no for real)


Okay so I am going to speak my mind. This isn’t intended to spark a discussion. If you disagree that’s okay, you don’t have to stay and read this. My opinion is my opinion. Sorry to start it off this way, I just feel so strongly about this topic and want to express those feelings (shocker). Here we go…

     I get it. I get trends come and go. I get it’s “fashion” or “photography” or “art” to some people. At the end of the day, I can probably find inspiration from a hamburger and a good nights rest but not everyone is the same. We are all different, and that’s what makes us great. But I can’t help but notice something. I can’t help but feel this way and honestly offended that more people don’t see this.  But does taking several grainy and over saturated photos of women half naked make you a “artistic photographer” or just another semi-pornographic IG photographer wanna be? (I warned you. This may be rough, again you don’t have to read this). Is the woman body no longer valued or seen as “special” anymore? I mean, I’m all for a crop top and a string bikini when the suns out but I’m talking about some recent trends in the artistic world.

     For example, see through tops, like completely sheer tops. Ok, I get it, Nipples. Men have them too! Women rights! Whoohoo! Okay, but Fashion Designer, is this the statement you’re really trying to make? Or are you just too scared your art isn’t good enough so you get an it girl’s breasts to sell the clothes. I’m looking back at men’s fashion week as I write this post and I don’t see any outfits revealing men’s private parts. Parts meant for your significant other to know. If a bikini is covering it at the beach, why can’t the clothing on the runway? This is where I’m going for fashion inspiration and I’m bombarded with overly sexualized women. Again, I get it. I don’t mean to be sarcastic, but do you really think you’re that designer/photographers muse? Or is it your body/face they want?


     I guess it’s true. Sex Sells. It’s sad because those same designers/photographers/ artists stand up for women’s rights, etc. They stand for women being treated with respect and kindness. How can I expect anyone to gain respect, or love for me when I put my body on display like a product on a shelf? Or is that all I’m expected to be? A product?  I mean, I understand the human body is beautiful, God created it. I understand, I am human with human eyes and I can’t deny the fact there is an attractiveness to the human body. I just don’t believe art has to be sex. I don’t think sex had to be woven through every facet of the creative world. Being a creative myself and also a woman, I see this as an issue and I don’t know how to fix it.


     We live in a day in age where the accounts one chooses to follow on social media says more about a person than the actual content they post. Or better yet, the accounts one let’s influence your explore page/Pinterest timeline. (Yes, the explore page is based off the type of accounts one regularly visits and photos one would normally double tap. Don’t question me, I work in social media). And since I’m already adding more than my two cents to this topic let me just say, if this is the truth than I will not hesitate to unfollow people, and yes to some of my friends – you should too. (I’ve already stalked you all so don’t think you’re excluded from this).  


     I conclude with this. Social media makes it hard enough to get to know the person behind the avocado toast flat lays. We work extra hard as content creators to allow our true selves to be shown through photos and captions. But what if the real us is bleeding through our timeline? Bleeding through our explore page. Bleeding through the 1,000 accounts we choose to follow? What if that sends a message to brands and future readers of who we are? If you are to look at every photo on your timeline, does it represent you in the best way? Does it show how you respect women or how you have fallen in the trap of "fashion trends?" What message do you want to put across and are you doing it? I know that's a lot of questions to answer and maybe even questions you haven't asked yourself.


     Social Media is growing and if you are the one of millions of people who care to be an influencer than so is your account. Once you've reach the top, and the accounts you follow/photos you've like were your friends surrounding you, would you be happy? Would you be able to stand up for your faith and say, yes - I support this naked women photo because 'art'. Yes - I'm all for what this person stands for because 'popularity'. Yes - I validate this brand that has nothing to do with my life because 'money'. If you can't do that now, with ____ of followers, you won't do it when you've 'arrived'. Just food for thought. 

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