the 5 things you should bring with you on a road trip

Happy Monday Ya'll. I'm so excited to start this week off with a brand new blog and lots of fun content. I recently went on a day trip to Ft. Lauderdale with my two friends (Mackensey and Shakira) for the Style Summit Conference held by Create + Cultivate. Side note: if you're a blogger looking to get creativity and meet others in your community, check them out! We decided to turn this 3 hour drive into a mini road trip and showcase all the things we would bring with us. As you know, spring and summer are approaching (hopefully faster than expected) and that means spring break and summer vacation. I'm sure some of you are planning a road trip or weekend away with the girls. To make that car ride even better, I've complied a list of things you should bring with you. I never want to be away from home without the things I need, and neither do you. So here you go! Enjoy!


Okay, so I made this number one because it is number one in my book. I don't know about you guys but I'm hungry every 2 hours (it's probably from my hyper personality). I always need to have snacks in between each meal and road trips are no different. If you tend to get bored and hungry in the car, make sure to pack your favorite foods to munch on. Of course, there are healthier options that what I brought, but this was my day off so I thought, what the heck?! I'm going for the good stuff. 


Again, it could be my hyper personality or just the fact that we live in a day in age where we can't just sit around anymore, but I get bored quickly. For me, reading in the car isn't so bad but I know not everyone likes it. So for those who don't mind, bring a good book or magazine. I never had time to really sit and read so this is the perfect opportunity. If that gets you car sick, download some fun games on your phone or throw it back to some childhood car games like "Eye Spy", "The Alphabet Game" or "Never Have I Ever". If you don't know what either of those games are, then please google it and play it with your friends the next time you're in the car. I promise you won't regret it and you'll see the time fly by. 


Whether you're male or female you can't deny being in a car for a long period of time can make you feel icky. Bringing some beauty items to freshen up can make any crammed and prolonged car ride that much more enjoyable. I usually go for some make-up removing wipes or body wipes to freshen up. They are easy to use, require no privacy and you're body will thank you for it. Also I love traveling with my toothbrush and toothpaste. Even at a gas station I can freshen my breath by brushing my teeth. From meals and snacks in between, having a fresh mouth can make a world of a difference. I also love bringing deodorant, body mist, and chapstick to keep myself smelling and feeling great. 



No matter where your destination may be, or how many hours you're spending in the car, a pair of clean pants and top can really make you feel like a new person. For us, we had an event to go to where we had to look cute, so we decided to bring some comfy clothes to change into for the car ride back. I choose a pair of black leggings and a oversized, soft flannel. To top it off I kept my feet warm with my favorite house slippers. Nothing says comfort like a pair of furry slippers. 


Of course you're not going to forget your phone but since you'll be in the car for a long period of time you'll be using it more and more. This is the perfect chance to bring a portable battery charger, and the other passengers will thank you for not hogging the usb. I also never travel anywhere without my camera. I always make sure to have it charged up and the sd cards formatted for the day. You never know when you'll need to capture a moment. So be ready at all times! 

Thanks so much for reading my 5 Things To Bring On a Road Trip. I hope it helped you for your trip and you enjoy all these photos and the girls and I. We had such a fun time, I honestly want to go on another adventure. Check out Mackensey's blog post to see a look book for the day and Shay's video to get a behind the scenes look. Also make sure to check out all of social media for more photos. As always this has been

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TOP: Thrifted

BOTTOMS: Vintage Levi Jeans

BELT: Thrifted


Check out my vlog from this day for more behind the scenes videos here on my channel!