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     Have you ever had a dream so big it gets your heart racing and your blood pumping? Whenever you think about it or talk about it, you feel like you're there - mind, body and soul? Well, if you have ever experienced such emotions then this post is for you. I say that because you have something you're passionate about and most people accept an average job while dreaming up something they never do. I think it's beautiful the way someone's eyes light up when they talk about their dreams, or better yet live them out. As I have been thinking about the dreams I have in my own heart, I realized one dream that stood out among the rest, New York City.

     It's a classic ole' tale aye? The innocent fashion obsessed girl dreams of saving just enough money to make it in The Big Apple, hopes of falling in love while fawning over the skyline at sunset, having friends to enjoy a glass of wine with, and the most recent Saint Laurent leather jacket for winter. Most of the time that doesn't come true, actually all the time. Usually that reality looks more like this....Fashion/Creative obsessed girl knows she wants to move to NYC but doesn't know how it will happen. She slaves away working over 50 hours a week in a town that just doesn't seem to understand her. Finally she saves enough money to live in a closet sized apartment in an pre-war building with a mean old lady as a neighbor. Most nights she spends it eating box mac-n-cheese while finishing up school projects on her desk....I mean bed- who has room for a desk anyway? She slaves away at her coffee shop job, (the burn marks on her hand show proof) and gets an A on her end of year project. She meets some people, not many, and she can barely afford the infamous Artichokes $3 pizza slice, but after Washington Square Park's ever so popular squirrel steals her last pizza bite, she's still able to sit back and take in the city for what it is. THE GREATEST CITY IN THE WORLD. She knows the job is coming, friends, and promotion too. "It's just a matter of time" she whispers to herself, "....just a matter of time." 

Well whichever dream sequence you find yourself in, have you ever stopped to think about what it's going to take to get there? To see those dreams turn reality? No honestly. Because the dream is cute and all but there is a helluva lot of work that goes into it. I have found in my short 24 years of existence that most people will do one of two things. 1. Bargain for the price. (They settle for less than or a "look-a-like") or 2. Didn't want it bad enough (which they usually decide on after they see what they would have to give up). Now, I can't say I haven't thought of both of those options when it came it my dream. Heck, I live in Orlando, Fl. It's affordable here. I have friends (ish) and family here so I mean why would I leave that right? WRONG. Putting yourself in the right place at the right time can open so many doors you never knew where even there, (or at least that's what I'm gonna tell myself when I get discouraged). Dreams will stay dreams unless you put DESPERATE ACTION behind them.


How bad do you want to see your dreams come true? It's a simple question. How much are you willing to sacrifice, leave behind, and go without, to see them turn reality? Are you afraid of what it will cost? Does the price of your dreams keep you from actually going after them? If so I challenge you to stop and think about this thought for a minute. If YOU'RE the one dreaming up something doesn't that mean YOU'RE THE ONE meant to do it? Why would God give you a dream to dream if it was meant to be lived out by someone else? He gave it to YOU. He obviously trusts you with that dream and believes you can do it. That should give you the confidence to not only go after those dreams but to accept the cost. Like I said before my dream is to move to NYC August 2018. I have taken on a second job on top of my full time job and will be doing SO many more things to hopefully make extra money to go. This will require my time, energy, and much more, but I am willing to make this sacrifice and many more to see my dreams turn into a reality. 


What are your dreams? Let me know in the comments below. 

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