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You see, most men say the most attractive thing about a woman is her confidence, but I beg to differ. Now, of course, I exclude the men that are feminists and are confident enough in themselves to watch women truly soar, but unfortunately, there is still a huge percentage of men that do not fall into that category. I need to say this now, this post is not to hate on men. I, in fact, do not hate men. I do not hate anyone for that matter. As I have grown into my own kind of woman, there are things I am noticing more and more. My eyes have opened and what I have seen is terrible. It doesn’t just stem from how men view us, it also stems from mainstream media, from society, from “rules” women have followed for years.

Here are some facts that women face on a daily basis:

  • Women are paid 78 cents for every dollar a man makes.

  • Only 17% of seats in Congress are held by women.

  • Women are the most powerful consumers, controlling 12 trillion/ 65% of consumer spending according to Oxfam International.

  • Most rapists will not spend 1 day in jail.

  • It has come to the surface in recent reports that many modeling agencies scout models outside of eating disorder clinics.

  • Over 60 million girls worldwide are child brides, forced into marriage before the age of 18.

  • 603 million women live in countries where domestic violence is not considered a crime.

  • Catcalling (need I say more?)

  • Phrases like, “For a girl” or “It’s a good thing you’re pretty” or “Have you found a good boy to settle down with?” or “That’s not ladylike”, “Don’t be a pussy”, “When do you want kids?” , or “Why do you wear so much makeup?” and lastly you can’t forget the infamous, “Are you on your period?”

  • 1 box of tampons can cost $10, a bottle of Tylenol can cost $4-5 and a pack of panty liners can cost $3. In total, the basic supplies for a woman during her period can cost $17-20 after tax. This is per month and does not include heat wraps for people who have severe cramps or the loss of time at work due to severe back pain. It also does not include how annoying it is being asked, “Are you on your period?”

Feminism is not about making women the superior sex, it’s about eliminating sexism. It’s not because a bunch of women got together one night and said, “let’s start a movement that makes men look weak and uneducated and terrible.” It was little moments over time where women said, “Screw what society thinks, the truth is this is wrong!” Whether that be the pay gap, the cat calling, the injustice to women who are sexually assaulted, the unfair treatment in the workplace, the overly sexualization of women in media, or fact that over 60 million minors are forced into a marriage with an older man, or that most women are denied the right to have an education or job so they are forced to live in poverty and birth children for a living, which they won't even have the proper medical treatment and care to have a healthy and enjoyable pregnancy. Whether it be any of those things, women just finally said, “Screw you guys, I’m done with this. It’s time to do something.” People are in a full-on uproar because it’s breaking systems and order that men have put in place and it makes insecure men feel out of control. 

If you feel uneducated about this matter, please refer to these links below to learn more about the mistreatment of women all across the world:

The best thing you can do for women is to educate yourself on the mistreatment of women and stand with us as we fight for equal rights.

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