bloom baby bloom (no im not pregnant)

“Just like wildflowers you have to allow yourself to grow in places people never thought you would.” – E.V

With spring around the corner I can’t help but fall for these Pinterest quotes that flood my timeline. I will have to say, this one specifically really stuck out to me. Your twenties are a time in your life where you will bloom in many places. Places that may stay in our life forever, places that will come and go. Places of happiness. Places of sadness. Places of certainty but also places of confusion. It seems almost as if every week I’m in one of these places mentioned, but that’s okay. That’s what being young is about. It’s not about having it all figured out or feeling confident in everything you do. It’s about pretending like you have it figured out in front of people you hope to be around when you finally do. It’s about learning how to fill out taxes and cook chicken (although I haven’t figured that one out just right) and still have time to be wild, crazy and free. I find that for me, I’m in a season that I may not fully understand and the people around me may not fully understand. I’m accepting that the need to understand of every season you go through is really just pride and instead you should trust God. Trust the process.

My process of blooming where I’m planted started a little over a year ago when I started my blog. I never knew what I really wanted to do with it and honestly the first year I wasn’t even that serious about it. It wasn’t until the past 6-8 months that I started to see it as a future career and passion of mine. Have you ever had a dream you can’t stop day dreaming about? Have you ever loved doing something so much the idea of never doing again makes you feel empty? Have you ever thought about maybe the reason why things happen in your life that have brought you to where you are now are all ON purpose and FOR a purpose? Well I have. I’ve been doing all that thinking and more. I’m starting to realize the trials I have once faced not only happened to make me a stronger and better person but because if I never went through it, I wouldn’t be typing these words into a Word Document in Starbucks for you to read.

I guess with the seasons changing and the deep thinking I tend to do when things change, I had to write these thoughts out hoping I’m not alone. Hoping to encourage someone out there. Your dreams are important, and so was that pain. But what’s more important is to bloom. Bloom always. Keep blooming and never stop. Where ever you are, be all there. The more you bloom in your God given moment the more moments you’ll have. The more amazing seasons you’ll go through. The more you live life to the fullest RIGHT NOW the higher the next “RIGHT NOW” will be for you. Appreciating where you are, seeing it for what it really is and using it fully. Maybe you find yourself at a job you don’t like, or in a degree you regret starting. Maybe you are so full of stress from bills and family drama. Maybe your friendships are fake and meaningless. Maybe you hide your pain behind Instagram photos and Snapchat moments. Whoever you are, take this moment, make it great, run wild and more than anything …. Bloom baby bloom.

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