girls night out lookbook (but im most likely staying in to watch netflix and eat vegan pizza)

TGIF! It's finally the weekend. This weekend I'll be a bridesmaid in a wedding so I will be dancing, eating, wishing I could be in sweatpants, and celebrating love! Woohoo! I usually on weekends spend it in my bed watching Jimmy Fallon or my latest obsession Riverdale. You guys need to watch that show, it's so good. Anyways, on those harder work weeks I try to spend some time with my favorite Girl Gang and dress up. Don't we all love doing that? My last girls night was actually on Valentines Day. I started the night by having dinner with my roommate and snapping photos (coming soon) and then a few of my friends and I decided to go to Disney Springs to get some yummy dessert and have a great night out. It was so much fun! 

We all need a girls night out every once and a while and one of my favorite parts is getting to pick out an outfit for it. Today's post I collaborated with Miami Luxe Boutique to give you the best girls night look. Miami Luxe Boutique is a brand new online boutique based in Miami Florida (does the name not give that away?) Anyways, I fell in love with so many pieces, but favored this one above the rest. Here I styled a simple romper with a more laid back approach. I'm not a big jewelry person, so I usually keep things really simple, but I threw on a black bootie, and my favorite vintage watch and I was ready to go! Hope you enjoy this look! Make sure to check out all of Miami Luxe Boutique's info down below. Cute, affordable and comfy clothing can be hard to find, and I scored a good one with this place. Check it out! 





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