creative spotlight: bianca vanwindt (aka my queen!)

Happy March, I can't believe it's even here. Time fly's by so fast. This months Artist Spotlight is my dearest friend Bianca Vanwindt. She has been in my life for years not only as a rock, but also an inspiration. I truly believe our friendship was god ordained. If you don't know anything about Bianca then here's a few things you should know right off the bat. She is the owner and writer of Daughters of Day, a blog based ministry geared towards empowering women in our every day lives. She has served on worship team and youth ministry. She grew up acting in theater and dancing in productions, and you can see her edgy chic style represented on her personal Instagram account with over 1400 followers. Oh and, she's newly engaged! Whoohoo! I sent over a few questions so you guys can get to know her better. Let's here what she has to say.


Q: Describe your creative process in 100 words or less. 

A: My creative process is highly dependent on my environment, and what I'm working on. Usually my creativity comes in "spurts". Some people get dozens of ideas a day, but I usually get a few good ones, and act on those. If any idea hits me rather that be a song, poem, Daughters of Day blog idea, anything... I jot it down. I have a reminder list for every creative endeavor I work on. One for songs, one for DOD, one for ministry, one for fashion inspiration. My creative wheels are always turning so I stay prepared and organized. 

Q: What are some future dreams you are currently working towards?

A: Th goal this year is to do two or more Daughters of Day gatherings over the next 6-8 months, and a inspirational/creative conference by the end of the year. Me and my team have already began dreaming about it all, it's very exciting. The big picture dream for DOD is for it to represent and inspire thousands, maybe millions of women. I want to impact as many people as possible during my time here on Earth. 

Q: Name three people who inspire you and why.

A: Monica Zumiga. She's the founder of an awesome non-profit organization in the Dallas area called We Are Unveiled, @weareunveilved on IG. Their purpose is to create a safe place for women to share their stories. We spoke on the phone a few months ago and I got to pick her brain on how she does what she does, it was inspiring. Second, Sophia Amoruso, founder/writer of #GirlBoss, @girlboss and Nasty Gal, @NastyGal on IG. She's been in the spotlight lately about some mistakes she's made, but I think she's awesome regardless. She's the ultimate baddie. Lastly Bobbie Houston. She's the pastor of Hillsong Church in Australia, @bobbiehouston on IG. They're now a global church of over 30,000 members but she's also the found of Colour Sisterhood, @coloursisterhood on IG. She leads around four conferences a year and they approximately have 25,000+ women gathered globally. Her life and dedication to creativity is insane and inspiring. 

Q: List three things you are currently obsessing over.

A: First face masks/skincare. I try new products out every week. I'm obsessed with skin, and always try to take the utmost care of mine. I'm also obsessed with essential oils. I recently purchased a diffuser for $20 from Walmart. Essential Oils have SO many health benefits and they're a lot better for you than candles. Lastly, Jane the Virgin and This Is Us. I can't stop watching both of those shows. They're totally a huge obsession right now. 

Q: What's the funniest things that has happened to you recently?

A: I went to the gym with a friend, I was on the stair climber. It wasn't increasing levels even though I was pressing the button for it to increase. Basically it froze and in one moment started working again. It went from level 1 to level 10 in a matter of seconds and I basically flew off in front of the entire gym. I wish I was exaggerating, I have a nasty wound to prove it. It was hilarious. 

Check out Bianca's Social Media along with more information about Daughters of Day here:

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