fringe friday (is that a thing?)

Happy Friday Yall! It's officially the weekend and if you're anything like me this means sleeping in, long coffee shop visits, working on my blog, hanging with friends, church, and drives with my windows down and music blasting. I love the weekends and try to carve out time to do things I don't get to do during the relax and catch up on Riverdale (a new CW show based on the Archie Comics and my God it's amazing.) Anyway, today's post I'm showcases another amazing Forever 21 Sale find. For any of those who watched my Ig stories when I scored the best deals, then you've already seen this and know what I'm talking about. I love this jacket because it's so different. it's fringe and a mauve-y pink color and I've never owned anything like it. I paired it with this black romper from Miami Luxe Boutique. I did a whole outfit post dedicated to it because I loved it that much. If you haven't check that out, you should - I'll link it down below. 


But I wanted to give a sexy silky romper a fun and edgy look. Perfect for day time wear and honestly, I'm never truly comfortable in sexy things, so this just goes with my personal style a little bit more. I wish it was still available in the store cause I would so go back and get this jacket in black too... pshh what am I saying? I would get it in every color. And of course I have to give a big shoutout to @shaycaptures for always pulling through and shooting nearly every look on my blog. Check out her work down below! Enjoy the look!





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