that street yellow lookbook

Happy Thursday! Today I'm coming at you live with a new fashion post all about this new outfit incorporating one of my favorite recent colors, yellow. Yes, Yellow. I know you can usually find me wearing black, white, and darker shades of maybe blue or green but I decided that 2017 was a new year. A year of beginnings and a year of happiness and adventure. When I think about those things, I think of the color yellow. It embodies sunshine and happiness, which are all I really want this year to be. I know you will feel what you wear, so why not wear a little bit of yellow. I thrifted this vintage tee and bought these striped cropped pants on sale. Your girl hates spending a lot of money on clothes, so of course this look had to be affordable for me. The tee shirt is from goodwill and the pants were on sale at Zara for only $10! Can you believe that?! Zara is by far one of my favorite places to shop ever. Anyways, I finished the look with white vans I received as a gift for my birthday (thank you best friend) and draped a white fur coat I got at an old job as well. You'll see me sporting some kind of funky frame lenses because I've really been into statement sunnies to accessorize any look for spring. The ones shown in these photos are from Pacsun and are under $20! Wowzer! What a steal! All in all I love this look. I think it represents what this year will be like for me and what the summer will hopefully bring. What spring/summer trends are you loving right now? Let me know in the comments down below. Enjoy. 

As Told By,

Amanda Smith