creative spotlight: gavin haley

Q: How would you describe your sound to people who are hearing your music for the first time?

 A: I guess my sound could be described as indie pop? To be honest I can’t put my music in a category because I’m still finding my sound; it’s always changing. I guess we’ll see where I am in a year or two.

Q: Your newest song, “Waiting For You” is not only very lyrical but has a poppy/alternative sound. In my opinion, the “edgiest” one we’ve heard so far. What inspired the sound and emotion behind this song in comparison to maybe “Fades Away” that has that light, poppy sound musically?

A: Waiting for You was very much driven off emotion. I wrote the chorus melody alone at 2 am on New Year’s. I was just going through some stuff and it all poured out in those chorus and melody. Once the chorus was written the rest of the story just came flying out. I guess the inspiration was emotion. As far as the sound Ed Sheeran and The Weeknd really inspired the sound for me. Lyrically, I listen to a lot of Leonard Cohen.

Q: When you are producing a song, what are your “go-to’s” to keep motivated and inspired?

 A: I would say it heavily depends on what type of song you’re trying to write. If I’m writing ‘happy chords’ I have set pads and synths I like to use. If it’s a darker feel it’s all about the vocal production. As far as staying inspired, I just listen to artists I really look up to. There is an endless supply of inspiration in this world. I mean look at where we live, it’s a stunning place in itself.

Q: I saw recently on Instagram a #bts pictures of a music video for “Waiting for You.” Is there a release date you can share, and maybe something the audience can expect to see from it. 

A: Yes, all I can say is the video will be out late May/ early June. I’m very excited about it. I think people are going to learn a lot about this song from watching it. It was my first official music video and a process I’ll never forget. 

Q: How do you connect to your audience the most? Do you use social media a lot to interact with your fans, or do you just let the music speak for itself?

A: I connect in any way I can. At shows in person is always my favorite, but at my stage of my career Instagram is the easiest. Looking forward to when I can tour and meet everyone. 

Q: As a musician you get to perform for some amazing audiences. So far in your career what has been your most favorite show you’ve put on?

A: By far playing the Roxy in Los Angeles. It was a blast and playing at a venue with so much history gave me chills.

Q: What are some dreams you have as a musician/singer?

A: I would love to tour the world one day. Above all make a positive difference in the world with my music. That will be a dream come true for me.

Q: What advice would you give to fellow singer/songwriters who have dreams of turning their passion into a career?

A: Just follow your heart and never work for people who want to fulfill their dreams though you. It will only lead to a negative outcome. Be true to yourself and make music you want to listen to. Being happy and leading a positive life brings about incredible opportunities. Lastly, I would say don’t be afraid to go for what you want. You can have anything in this life. It just takes hard/smart work. 

Q: What is something you wish someone told you when you first started as a musician?

A: Well, I’ve only been doing music full time for about a year, and I’ve been lucky enough to have amazing people in my life. Maybe just that it’s not your job to please everyone. You have to follow your heart. Don’t work for someone else dream. 

Q: I am honored to have the opportunity to interview you for my blog. Is there any last thing you would like to say to anyone reading this, or fans of your music before we end?  

A: Thank you. For real. I’ve put out two songs and the feedback as been stunning. Excited to meet you all soon. My new song will be coming in June! Be on the lookout!



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