shootings, sharing, and love.

Shootings, Sharing and Love. 

It's Monday here in Orlando and there's been another shooting. It's sad to say that my heart is past the point of breaking, it's completely shattered. I'm speaking on something that as a society we have no real solution for (besides the solution of God's love), but it's 2017, I pay for this blog and I'll be darned if someone tried to belittle me because I "share" too much. There are people dying and if you think about it maybe it's because I didn't 'share' enough. I'm putting the word 'share' in quotations because it's alluding to a separate definition that I'll be speaking on in another post. Nonetheless maybe WE didn't share enough. I'm not here to point the finger. I think sin, unstable homes, drugs, and many other things are to blame.

     I'm here to say, as a Christian, a human, a woman, a citizen of the Orlando, what more could I have shared with my community to prevent this sort of thing from happening? What more can I share with every individual I encounter to to show them this does not have to happen, this is not the answer. There are other ways to cope. I mean, let's think about it, a gun doesn't come out of a glass case into a school and kill innocent children. A gun doesn't come out of a shed and kill its owner. A gun gun doesn't grow legs and walk into a nightclub and kill happy, beautiful people. No, a gun doesn't do that...people do. A person does. A person pulls the trigger. There is a person to blame. 

     I want to ask what more I could have shared through my life to keep a person from a painful place of sin and decide to play God and end someones life. Obviously I'm not taking this solely upon on myself but instead on our society. We need to focus less on sharing our opinions and more on sharing love. True love. A love that can cover a multitude of evil. A love that mends, restores, comforts and brings hope. Because at the end of the day that's what everyone wants. Love. Even your moody next door neighbor wants love. Coming from someone who has experienced a love like no other, it would be a shame to put my strong opinion before an act of love and love alone. It would be a shame for anyone to do that. 

   This isn't about gun control. This isn't about the gay community. This isn't about politics or religion this is about people who are hurting and need love. My favorite verse in the Bible to look to for comfort in times like these is 1 Corinthians  13:13, and it says, 

          "And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love."

What I love most about that verse is that no matter what happens in life there will be three important things we need to hold on to of course; faith, hope and love but that above all else the most important one is love. It makes me think that love is much more powerful than we think. Probably even more powerful than we can understand. As a Christian I believe that God is love. That God loves gay people. He loves people of all color and ethnicity. He loves the rich and the poor. He loves people that love Him and even those that don't. I know in times like this people can throw their own opinion in first but it's been 365 days since 49 lives were lost and there has been 30 more shooting in Florida alone so maybe, just maybe opinions don't heal the world. Maybe love does. God's love does. 

  Today and everyday I will be reminded that no matter how different my neighbor looks, acts and lives I WILL LOVE THEM. I will be like God and be the representation of God's love as best as I can. I will hug, I will give money, I will listen, I will share my heart and my food, I will cherish more than I ever have. Every human life is valuable...even the one's that want to take away another's. We need to be showing love to each person we have in our lives and even to those we don't know. We need to be intentional about the relationships we have and more than that keeping them and ourselves happy and healthy. I don't have the answers but I know God does, and when we are still enough to hear His voice it's then that we can know that answer and make a lasting change. It's then that we will have the strength and bravery to love others like we were created to. He has the power to heal us from our pain so that we never turn to violence, drugs, or wrong thinking in the first place. 

     If you agree with me in any way, join me on this journey of loving others like God loves. God loves people no matter who they are, what they have done, or where they came from. God loves people that don't love Him back and He expects nothing in return. God loves us from the goodness inside of Him. Man, what a solution. What an important thing to share. I hope and pray that more and more people see it this way and that together we can change the world. 

As Told By,