how to decorate your room when you're broke af

Hey there, it's about that time time. In today's post I'll be talking about something that doesn't necessarily deal with school directly, but will be a necessity for all you college kids out there or just high schoolers who want to revamp their room at a low cost. Basically everything I do, I do on a budget....I'm broke nearly all the time so I have no other choice. BUT that doesn't mean you can't make it work with what you have. I love interior design and take it seriously so that will show in the photos below. I personally work from home so I spend a lot of time in my room/apartment. It's important for me to make it a place I won't hate after a full work week, and I can still enjoy coming home to after a long weekend. With that being said, I'm going to go over some tips and tricks to decorating every corner of your room under whatever budget you have, yet still make it look expensive. Let's get started shall we?!


As you can see my bedding looks pretty cohesive and nice. White always looks expensive, especially with a couple throw pillows and a blanket. Would you believe me if I told you this is a white duvet cover I got from Ross for $34? I also bought white sheets/pillow cases separately also from Ross. My two grey throw pillows came in a pack at TJ Max for $19 and the beige circle one was on sale for $12.99 from D D's discounts! I know!! Insane right?! Paired all together with a throw blanket and you have a complete bed. FUN TIP: Mixing colors and textures can make any bedding look a lot more expensive. For example my duvet cover is cotton, but my throw pillows are a silky material. 


As you may have seen in the photos above there was this dark grey furry thing on my wall as my headboard. Well, headboards are quite expensive and a major commitment (I swear I don't have commitment issues.) I was roaming around TJMAX one day and stumbled upon a dark grey fur rug and then something hit me out of nowhere....what if I hung this on the wall behind my bed as a headboard?! Boom! The deed was done, I swiped my card and I was out the store! Now I knew it was going to be a bit heavy and I'm not the most handy person, so I drove to my local Walmart and bought industrial clips. That way if they were showing (which they do) it would be "stylish"....or at least that's what I'm telling myself. See for yourself. 


I mean, Goodwill should be everyone's best friend, but if you're looking to save money and don't mind using someone's old stuff then it's the perfect solution. Honestly, I grew up shopping at thrift stores because I never had enough money to buy things at retail prices so I'm a pro and not by choice, but I don't mind. It has taught me to save money, patiently look for the things I love rather than like, and get creative with just about anything. Either way I have found some pretty radical things in my local Goodwill's and have added them to my room and apartment. Here are a couples things featuring some items I have gotten from goodwill. The first photo will be a stack of books, and records with a candle on top. I got all these records for 0.99 cents each and a couple of these books while thrifting. The last photo will include a jewlery display that I DIY'ed myself out of vintage dishes and a candle stick found at a local Goodwill. 


Okay so of course there's going to be something in your room that will cost more than you are willing to spend, but you do it because maybe you need it. For example, you should buy a new mattress from a mattress store rather than one from Goodwill, just for health reasons. So that's something you may have to save for a while to buy. For me, it's a little smaller than that but a good one can cost anywhere from $15-40 and that's soy candles. So like I said earlier I work from home so it's important to me to make my room/apartment a place I like being at all day and even when I'm not working. I find lighting a candle at night to not only be so relaxing but an effortless way to make my room smell amazing. I love these candles from Aspen Bay, you can find these scents and more on their website: . I love lighting these while I'm reading or while I'm getting ready for bed. 

That's all the tips I have for you to decorate your room on a budget. I hope you enjoyed these and learned a little something along the way. If you add any of these tips into your room decorating journey, send me a photo of your finished product on Instagram or comment down below what you did. I would love to see/hear all about it. Thanks again for reading this post and I hope you have an amazing rest of your week.

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