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I am so excited yet sad to say that summer is coming to an end and the fall season is slowly inching towards us. I love fall fashion probably the most because I love earth tone colors and layering. Unlucky for me, Florida feels like summer all year round - no matter what. But this means, while summer is "technically" ending, I still get to play around with summer looks in the heat of Florida. I partnered up with Vibe Apparel for this lookbook. They are super awesome, very sweet and have cute clothes that are SOOO comfy to wear. I'll link all of these items below, along with my 10% code, "AMANDA10". I have a lot of stuff going on personally that I can't wait to share with you all, but until then I hope you enjoy this lookbook! Talk to you soon! xoxo



i love this top for so many reasons. 1 IT IS SO COMFY! I can't begin to explain how a crop top that scrunches in the middle can be this soft and cozy but it is. It moves with my body throughout the day. It still embodies spring/summer with the floral, and the grid-like pattern gives it a modern + minimal touch.  I love the ruffles on the sleeves as it gives off the illusion of broader shoulders and a tiny waist. This is great for petite girls who are a bit flat-chested like me cause it adds shape and curves where we may sometime not have any. It also flows in the wind which is so nice on a hot and humid Florida day.



I fell in love with this dress from the moment I saw it but even more so when I tried it on. Like I said above for the shirt, this dress was surprisingly so comfortable to wear. I could dance around in it without a problem and can totally see myself dressing this up with some heels, or dressing it down with sneakers. I'm so glad I got this piece because it can be worn so many ways. 



This dress was an instant statement and I knew I just had to have it. I love styling this dress with chunky black boots, and a black hat. This gave me Euro vibes for sure so I just had to sit at this cute table outside one of my favorite bookstores in FL. It's crazy how an everyday place can really change with the right look and angle. This dress was also so comfy and showed off my curves which I rarely do, in a subtle and classy way. I love how womanly I felt walking around in this dress - and it kinda reminded me of the dancing woman emoji in the red dress. Does anyone else agree?

That's it. I loved shooting and styling these looks if you liked any of them you can shop them in the links in the blog post or down below. So excited for what's coming up next for me, you guys will find out very soon. Until next time...

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