i dont need to share everything and here's why

Not everything you do in life needs to be broadcasted (says the blogger who snaps photos of what she eats before she eats it). I’m learning that not even every event in your life needs to be shared with everyone around you. Whether you share by social media, or in a simple conversation with loved ones. I believe sometimes when we accept every offer that comes our way, or we announce every victory and low that we experience, we take away the special factor that moment had to offer us. I for one, do document a lot. I do broadcast more than most, but I always make sure there is more to my life than what people see. I make sure the hours spent working aren’t always on my IG stories, the late nights I cry myself to sleep because I miss someone won’t always be mentioned to my friends, the conversations I have with fellow creatives won’t always lead to a wordy blog post. It just won’t. Not because I want to hide from anyone, because I have secrets to keep, or because I want to be isolated due to pain, but because I believe there is something to say about knowing what true meaning is held in every moment and cherishing it like you’ll never get it again. There is something magical about “always having something up your sleeve” while others underestimate you. What I do in the blogging community doesn’t define me as a human being. It doesn’t encompass my entire creative worth, no there’s more to me than my blog will ever see, because that “more” isn’t meant for everyone. I comprehend the importance of a community/team behind you and they know who they are, they get where I’m coming from with this. But I also comprehend the importance of “my” life. There will be pages in the story book of my life that will be invisible to everyone but God. There are moments I had with God that my future husband or children will never know the details of. That’s okay. Even now, while I’m single, without kids, working, going to school, running a blog, and cultivating friendships, I still have a life that only God and I know about. I still have thoughts and dreams, only God and I know. If you feel the need to always share, I challenege you to look deep within yourself and ask “why”? Why do you always feel the need to share everything with everyone? Is it a desire to be liked? We all get that. Is it a need to be affirmed by people ‘above’ you? I know I’ve felt that. Is it pride? Are you showing off? Want attention? Need pity? What it is? Really think about it. Because I promise whatever your answer is, however valid it may seem in comparison to your current circumstances, it’s not worth it. Fight the good fight, in silence. Share moments only to me stored in your memory. Have conversations with yourself you don’t intend on sharing. Do it. The inner you will thank you.

As Told By,