red velvet outfit of the day

Burrrrrr it's cold in here.... JK IT'S FLORIDA. It's never truly cold here. But just like my last post you guys can tell, I love dressing for the winter season (if only it would snow here.) I'm usually not one to wear a lot of the same things in such a short period of time, but this jacket has been my weekly obsession. I think I've worn it about 3-4 times. 

Loving this maroon, velvet, trapeze dress from @foremaboutique (all info will be down below.) It's incredibly comfortable, I can't believe it's not pajamas. A dress like this would be perfect for any Holiday party for many reasons. 1. It's cute and velvet looks great on everyone, and 2. it's loose enough to eat as much as you want (since I never leave the kitchen at parties anyway) and you don't have to worry about a "food-coma tummy."


I paired it with this fluffy white jacket also from @foremaboutique of course. It's perfect because it still keeps the dress looking fancy and awesome for a colder night (not like florida has any of those) I also love these black ankle booties just $34 at forema too!!!!

Thanks for reading, hope you enjoyed! Make sure to subscribe to be notified when more posts come! Happy Holidays everyone! 

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