five reasons why small music venues are better

I’m a music lover for sure. Growing up my dad always insisted on not listening to the radio because it was all “garbage” and would “brainwash” me into thinking the radio knew what was best at the time. After school, he’d pick me up in his El Camino and take me to Sam Ash. If you don’t know what that is, it’s just a music store. They sell instruments and records. He would teach me songs from Eric Clapton, Jimi Hendrix, and why The Smiths (in his opinion) were the greatest band. I would read music scores and try my best to replicate that on piano or guitar. I never learned guitar that well, but I could still appreciate when John Mayer formed the John Mayer Trio to pay tribute to many of these amazing artists. Now, many years later I still love going to concerts and discovering new music. Over the years I have been to hundreds of shows and I have come to believe that small music venues are some of the best places to hear the music you love. Here’s why.

#1. It’s Smaller, So You Are Physically Closer to the Artist.

Most small venues will be standing room only so it’s up to you how close you are to the artist, but even the back wall isn’t too far from the stage. I love this because everyone there paid one price to get there and if you’re smart enough to show up early you can score a spot in the front. You never have to worry about not being able to see because the person in front of you is blocking the view, or having to crank your neck to look at a screen instead of the actual artist/band.

#2. It’s More Intimate

Because of the small space, you are not only closer to the artist/band but also to each other, and in turn, the artist is closer to you. They are able to really hear you sing along, see your faces, and watch you jam out to their music. I can’t imagine as an artist what that kind of feedback feels like, but looking into the face of the people who made what you’ve been dancing along to in your car is pretty fantastic. This tight space also allows the artist to feel more comfortable to be their truest self. Arena’s can dilute the actual artistry of the music, making it more about entertainment than the music whereas small venues give space to the artist to talk to the audience, explain songs in between sets, and take moments to enjoy the night.

#3. They Are More Affordable

Usually, you don’t see people like Beyonce, or Coldplay in smaller venues so you can automatically assume you won’t be pulling an Abraham and sacrificing your child just to afford the show. Personally, I love indie alternative bands so they aren’t usually in big arenas either. If you love concerts and want to be able to afford to go to a couple month, check out your local venues to see who is playing. Most of the time you never pay more than $40 which leaves room for parking and alcohol costs (if you drink.) You can have a night out with friends, or your crush and not break the bank.

#4. The Sound

There is a common misconception that the better the technology behind the soundboard the better the sound will be, and although that can be true in some cases, most of the time it’s not. The room is what makes or breaks sound. Most of the time smaller venues have less space for the sound to travel to, leaving it’s audience with the fullest and sharpest sound to dance to.

#5. The People Are Cooler

This may just be my personal opinion (okay it is) but the people at these kinds of shows are just cooler. Not saying you won’t ever see the occasional dad like guy who hits on every woman in site, or the goth boy in the corner who is still convincing his mother it’s not a “phase” but for the most part, everyone’s super chill. I usually meet some of the coolest people at these shows that I would have never crossed paths with. Even if it’s just for the night, and you have another friend to head-bob with, it’s amazing how places like this can really bring people together.

If you love small venues as much as I do then hit me up, let’s go see something together. If not, give it a try. To see what bands are playing in the local Orlando area, check out these venue sites down below.

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