follow the yellow brick road lookbook (no not the wizard of oz)

I am convinced that the only people worthy of consideration in this world are the unusual ones. For the common folks are like the leaves of a tree and live and die unnoticed.
— The Scarecrow OZ

I am beyond excited to share fresh content with you all this week and let you into different parts of my life. Some of these posts you'll see were shot weeks ago and have been in my drafts for several weeks as well. It feels good to finally put it out there. It was hard seeing everyone put new stuff out and I'm over here scrolling through my camera roll to see what I can post that has NOTHING to do with my relaunch. I guess I have been shooting, writing and creating so much I forgot that I'll need stuff to post in the meantime. Either way, we are here now and in today's post I wanted to talk about standing out, being unusual. Of course this will be done in a fashion look book style, so I had to go with yellow. Because what stands out more than yellow on a ginger? I mean, I'm basically asking to be a walking highlighter. Regardless, it went perfect with one of my illustrations which is the quote above from the infamous film Wizard of OZ. 

In life I struggle with the back and forth desire to stand out and be different and the fear that if I do, everyone will be watching me. Like I mentioned in my previous blog post as a child I was an aspiring actress so I was comfortable on stage, on set, in front of a camera and telling stories. I was comfortable delving into a character, I was willing to go wherever the character need me to go. Now that I'm 24 and I'm opening doors for a more personal creative expression, it's a bit different. I don't play the "Amanda Smith" character, that's just me. I don't get to memorize a monologue, slate into a camera, and shake the casting directors hand really firm so he knew I was serious ( a habit I now have with new people I meet.) I have to just promote myself, be kind, and vulnerably me. It's hard and I want to do it differently. I guess there's a teen angst spirit in me and a sensitive , creative artsy fartsy girl just cultivating her craft. 

Though I struggle with this back and forth I know it is more important to be myself, be unique, be different (if that's what being me is), than to live and die and go unnoticed. The world is craving more artists to be completely themselves. The world doesn't need another copy of someone that has already inspired them, they need new inspiration - a new breath if you will. In whatever way I can do that, I want to. I know for me it's hard living my day to day life in boring ole' Orlando and remain a wild soul dreaming up new ideas. If being unusual means to go against the grain, to try things that may not be trending, to get less likes on a photo or loose friends who just think it's "weird" then let's do it! 

So here's to the rebels without a cause. Give up your fullest soul without an apology. You were born to stand out, and not many people are. Take that as your golden treasure that only you and a couple other people have. Never apologize for your art, your you. You don't need to justify it, you just need to do it, and do it often. As often as your life will allow. Go there in the moment, open up, pour it out and do it over and over again. Accept your weird ideas, your ever so dreaming mind, and fly into the world of the unknown. It's scary. People are looking. Their eyes are on you. It's like living a life with an audience of people who thought they bought tickets to a different show (and maybe they did) but dang flabbit, give them one hell of a show. 



All Photos By: Shakira Mcgowan

As Told By,

Amanda (and all those who have been one of a kind in my life)

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