The Corner | A short poem.

the corner. 

(A short poem written by: Amanda Smith) 

West 106th to the 23rd

let’s take a train, haven’t you heard

the absurd need to get out and about?

To live life without a doubt, 

because this is the city and this is your time

downtown to uptown you can hear the chime-ing 

of the music underground 

leave your mark without a sound.


But down on the Hudson River, I quiver seeing people kill their livers

just to affirm the emptiness in their souls as they live in the holes

that they’ve created…


Well aware of the fact they’re in the city that never sleeps

yet pills, needles, booze and bodies are all that creeps

within their mind that was once full of dreams 

now is just full of 






and denial 


that they aren’t really millionaires, happy or successful.

Takes out another loan, Uber-ing back home, this is stressful.


But I’m just a visitor, what do I know. 

Walking these streets this late, I should probably go.

I know the morning will bring a new passion 

I’ll be heading to chelsea for a week full of fashion

where people are drinking their markets finest coffee

outfit shots, Ig posts, and well you guess it, another coffee. 

But I couldn’t help but take a second to tell you how I really feel

anyway, here I brought you a hot meal.

It’s still winter here and you’re the only one who will listen

I hope on this corner, you still feel how I glisten. 

I know this cardboard box says you’re blind, but I know you see how my mind has grown

in just a matter of time.

I know here under this deli light you’re not planning to stay. 

But you’re an excellent listener, even if it’s just for today.