hi internet people. my name is amanda smith and in 2015 i decided to start a lifestyle blog. i have always wanted a place to share my heart on the things i am most passionate about. over the years this blog has gone through so many changes, but one thing that has always stayed the same is my love for creating and connecting.let’s talk about real shit. let’s be kinder to one another. let’s try our best to save the planet. and let’s see the world together. you in?


my mission with, as told by amanda, is to be a place of honesty. a place to inspire young people like myself to make more sustainable choices. my mission is to spark hope in your dreams and light in your dark places. to be the friend you’ve always wanted. i vow to keep it real. to never photoshop, sugarcoat, or hide my truth. to always speak out on topics that matter. to vote. to be kind. and to constantly, without holding back, be my authentic self.

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