Concept photoshoots shot, styled and directed by Amanda Smith. All written work also by Amanda Smith.



The world craves absolutes yet we find ourselves in the grey calling it color. What does that mean? It means we perpetually find ourselves in the most complex of situations and instead of choosing to believe we are either right or wrong we bestow another name to feel better about our indecisive behavior. For example, you fear losing out on life. This fear entangles you in a mess of lies you tell yourself that you really are happy where you're at. Subconsciously you know what is black and white yet your color is a deep shade of contentment. You want something? You'll attain that 'something'. You don't have it? There's probably one of two things going on. One, veritably you didn't want it that much to begin with. Two, you settled for second or third best. Why you resolved to such a settling is none of my business. What is my business, because of it's overnight transformation on humanity, is that we as beings of the universe filled with people needing absolutes, NEED you to make a move. Whether it be wrong or right, up or down, good or bad, you need to decide. Be it darkness or be it light, I need you to be 'it'.